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Quality System Laboratory Policies and Procedures


The OSBI CSD’s quality system is documented in written laboratory policies and procedures.  The policies and procedures which establish the overall framework for the quality system are the OSBI CSD Quality Manual and Procedures.  Additional guidance is located in discipline specific documents, including procedures for the specific analysis performed in the laboratory.  Click on the links below to view the specific policies and procedures.

When necessary, the OSBI follows an internal procedure to propose, review, and approve changes to policies in between full revisions of the documents.  These changes, known as major deviations, are not included below but may be obtained by contacting the OSBI.


OSBI CSD Quality Manual and Procedures
Forensic Biology Chemistry CODIS
Digital Evidence Firearms/Toolmarks Latent Evidence
Toxicology Trace Evidence  


Note:  Additional policy manuals for the disciplines listed above will be available in the near future.