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The OSBI Forensic Chemistry Unit is a section of the OSBI Criminalistics Division housed in four locations within the state.

Forensic Science Center in Edmond, OK

Northeastern Regional Laboratory in Tahlequah, OK 

Northwestern Regional Laboratory in Enid, OK 

Eastern Regional Laboratory in McAlester, OK 


Members of the Forensic Chemistry Unit strive to focus on applying timely and accurate methodologies using state-of-the-art instrumentation and procedures commonly practiced within the forensic science community.  The Forensic Chemistry Unit specializes in analysis of unknown powders, crystals, liquids, tablets, waxes, blotter paper, and plant material to determine the chemical identity.  

Black and White Photo of Drug Chemist

List of top analyzed drugs:

For information on these drugs as well as a number of others, please, visit U.S. DEA Fact Sheets.


Marihuana, Schedule I

Marihuana, Schedule I, Photo and Chemical Str


Methamphetamine, Schedule II

Methamphetamine, Schedule II, Photo/Chemical Str


Cocaine, Schedule II

Cocanince, Schedule II, Photo and Chemical Str




Alprazolam, Schedule IV

Alprazolam, Schedule IV, Photo and Chemical Str


Oxycodone, Schedule II

Oxycodone, Schedule II, Photo and Chemical Str


Hydrocodone, Schedule II

Hydrocodone, Schedule II, Photo and Chemical Str