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The OSBI Digital Evidence Unit (DEU) is a section of the OSBI Criminalistics Division housed in the AT&T Digital Evidence Forensic Laboratory in Edmond, Oklahoma.  


The DEU specializes in the preservation, acquisition, processing, and analysis of evidence in a digital format.


Digital evidence seized at crime scenes may contain vital evidence. Digital forensic analysis provides law enforcement agencies with the recovery and analysis of digital evidence, especially in crimes involving children.


ICAC Crimes Against Children


The Digital Evidence Unit works closely with the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC).  Crimes against children such as sexual exploitation of a child, indecent liberties, statutory rape, and child pornography, account for the majority of digital evidence submissions.


Other cases involve homicides, rape, conspiracy to commit murder, financial crimes, computer crimes, fraud, identity theft, property crimes, and drug offenses.


Picture of Identity Theft, Homicide, Financial Cri