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Fee Collections Frequently Asked Questions


When do I report the fees?

Monthly reporting is required for AFIS and Forensic fees by both Municipal and County Courts even if there was no activity for the period.   Fees are due by the 15th of the following month.

Monthly reporting is required for Laboratory and DNA fees for all County Courts.  Municipal Courts report the activity only if fees were collected within reporting month.

How should I submit the required information for the fees collections?

  A.  On-Line Entry:  From the main page, select Court Forms tab.  Click on the link in the Web-base Report Application box OSBI Court Assessment Fees.  If you have not already done so, use the contact at the bottom of the box to obtain your user id and temporary password.  Sign on and create your own unique password following the password prompts.  Under Headlines at the main screen of the Court Assessment Fees application, refer to the Headlines and highlight Headline Details for the "How to..." training audios.

 B. Paper Forms:  Go to the forms location, enter number of fees by tabbing through the required fields or if there was no activity for the month, left click on the appropriate box near the bottom of the form.  After completing the on-line form, print it out and forward it along with remittance to OSBI to the address indicated at the bottom of the form.  

Do not send in-house report forms unless they are formatted with the detail information required.


AFIS, Forensic, Laboratory and DNA fees may be combined in one check.  Do not include ODIS fees with Assessment fee payments.


  A.  Please make sure to complete all contact information.  B. Indicate the month reported.  C.  Please do not staple checks to the forms.



  OSBI collects AFIS, Forensic and Laboratory Analysis & DNA fees.  Penalty Assessment Fees are collected by CLEET.  Link to CLEET website:  http://www.cleet.state.ok.us/

How do I report partial fees collected?

On-Line Fees:  Enter actual amount collected into the fee entry line in the subtotal field.  Paper forms:  Partial fee collections should be reported as a decimal.  The amount paid is divided by the fee amount to arrive at the number to report using three places to the right of the decimal point; for example:  Total Forensic Fees amount collected = $611.23 divided by $5 for each fee = 122.246 fees.

Where do I find a list of civil filing fees?

Oklahoma State Court Network - Fee and Bond Schedule

Why do the assessment amounts from the table of OSBI Related Fees and Assessments differ from the list of civil filing fees amounts?

The list of civil filing fees allows Court Clerks to charge and retain an Additional Administrative fee of 10% above OSBI's portion to help cover the costs of collecting and apportioning the fees. This is in addition to any court costs directly assessed to the offender.

Who do I contact for questions about reporting fees?



Karen Nichols, Accounting Supervisor

800-522-8017 ext 2655

or 405-879-2655


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. 

Thank you for your collection efforts in support of law enforcement activities.