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OSBI Mission

The mission of every OSBI member is to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Oklahoma.


OSBI Vision

The OSBI will continue to be the professional law enforcement agency for the State of Oklahoma.  We provide specialized apprehension and crime detection services through teamwork, training, research, and implementation of innovative technologies.  We recruit and retain the expertise required to meet changing responsibilities.  We increase public awareness through proactive publicity and education.


OSBI Core Values

The mission of the OSBI will be achieved by applying these core values:

Trust is a function of both character and competence (Covey). The members of the OSBI will receive the training and support in character development and competence. In turn, character and competence will be displayed in the attitudes and work performed by OSBI employees resulting in trust for the agency as a whole.

Integrity consists of overlapping qualities of character where one adheres to moral and ethical principles. Integrity is demonstrated by consistency in actions, values, principles, and outcomes.

Respect is esteem or deference for the intrinsic value of people.