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HAVE YOU SEEN OUR CALENDAR?  If you haven't yet visited this (linked at the top of every page), it's becoming fairly robust AND we are using it to assist people to "register" (and pay online) for certain events such as Preceptor Training, State Standards Exams and NAB Review Seminars.  AND CHECK THIS OUT...We've added the ability to pay most of your fees with us ON LINE!!  Follow the "Forms and Fees" link on the left to connect to this new service!  We're pretty excited to have added this ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM... Please do NOT use this to RENEW your license...please use the Renewal Portal for this.




Access THIS FILE to see a clean version of the new rules.

Effective July 1, 2012


This was available to all Residential Care, Assisted Living and Adult Day Care Administrators from July 1 through October 1, 2012.  LICENSURE IS REQUIRED as of October 1 for all types...We did license well over a total of 400 new administrators, very close to the number we had estimated would apply for licensure.  


February 2013)...two days, $275...        
     We plan to schedule a NAB Review in
February and August each year now!
The next
PRECEPTOR Training has been scheduled for October 9th...includes "refresher" training for current preceptors who wish to remain current.
The FALL CLASS for AU will began on August 2nd...syllabus is available on the Administrator University link on the left...expect next AU to start in late January

AND DID YOU KNOW that you can pay some fees online and register for events (such as the NAB Review and Preceptor Training) through our Calendar?  See the link at the top of nearly every page on our website...

AITs - Have you found the
FLASH CARDS yet to help you
study for the NAB?
AITs (and trainers) from other states have found these to be useful...



And now, a few words about CEUs…

Near and dear to everyone’s heart, they are MUCH more than the perceived pain in the neck they are to most people…  These are your ticket to continually improving in your profession as a Long Term Care Administrator. Never lose sight of that FACT...this is your PROFESSION.  It is not a job.

A few things to keep in mind…

- NHAs are required to do 24 CEUs each calendar year...RC/AL = 18; RC = 16 and Adult Day Care = 12.  New licensees will be prorated.
- You are required to maintain records of your own CEUs.
- OSBELTCA randomly audits your accomplishment and we will be asking for copies of your certificates during such an audit.
- Your CEUs need to have been approved by this Board (OSBELTCA) OR have NAB approval with an NCERS number associated.
- When you renew your license, you certify that you accomplished the required CEUs (or that you will by the end of the calendar year).

In 2010, 12.5% (that’s about 1 in 8) of those audited for what they did in 2009 fell short of the requirement…that’s a fairly alarming rate of failure.  Is it worth it?  Those we audited in 2012 (for 2011 CEUs) has been a much better story...so far, we've had nobody fail to accomplish all of their CEUs but we do have a couple that we're still waiting for a response from...fingers crossed!

The “going rate” (penalty-wise) for failure to accomplish CEUs (which is clearly a punishable offense for this Board to deal with…see OAC 490:10-5-3(13))  for first time offenders has been:

            $50.00 fine PER CEU short            
            An assessment of an additional 2 CEUs per each CEU short            
            It ends up being reported/recorded in our Registry AND in the national (HIPDB) database…and this is now codified in "rule" with the promulgation of new rules.  It's no longer just "the going rate" but the rule.

Second offenses would be dealt with more harshly.  This “going rate” is what the Board has determined to be a “fair” rate for this offense…  The fact that it’s a reportable offense alone should be a deterrent, but consider that only 6 short would cost you $300 and 12 CEUs to be accomplished…  to most people, it’s not worth it.  It would be a rare day that the Board would see a valid excuse for not getting your CEUs…(primarily because the audits are done after the fact and you can request a waiver in advance if you have a valid reason).

And CEUs are designed to HELP YOU IMPROVE.  As a professional, the minimum should never be a question…  Too many people probably just go to the locally offered (free and/or inexpensive) CEUs rather than going to other places and getting courses in something that will HELP YOU IMPROVE IN AREAS YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO IMPROVE IN…  A “professional” (as we all are) would work on his/her weak areas…such as a baseball player might spend hours each day in the batting cage hitting curve ball after curve ball, to get better at something he may have trouble doing.  We are also professionals and need to fill those gaps in our abilities and work to be better…

So, get your CEUs… but PICK your CEUs because it’s something you need or want to learn more about (online or through another organization such as ACHCA – they go to Las Vegas and other nice places…and it IS our professional association like the Bar Association is to a lawyer...become the professional your residents deserve you to be). 



Last Modified on 10/02/2012