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SRC Registration Instruction   (PDF)


1. Go to http://www.erehab.org/  
    a. Click on National Training Series. 
    b. Click on the SRC Online Training Series.  

2. Start Registration: Click the ‘Click to Register’ link. 

3. Registration Step 1: 
    a. Name and State a. Type in your first name, middle initial and last name. 
    b. Select your state from the dropdown list 
    c. When done, click the ‘Continue to Step 2’ button. 

4. Registration Step 2: Email Address and Password.
    a. Password: Type in password. Password should be at least 8 characters without any space. 
    b. Confirm Password: Type in password on more time.
    c. Email Address: Type in your email address. - Email address will be used as your username to login to the website. 
    d. Confirm Email Address: Type in your email address one more time. 
    e. Click the ‘Continue to Step 3’ button. - Error message will be displayed on the top if your password or your email address is not matching. If such case, resolve the conflict and click the ‘Continue to Step 3’ button again.

5. Registration Step 3: SRC Member and Years Employed 
    a. Are you an SRC member? – select either Yes or No radio button. 
    b. If No, click the link (‘If you are not an SRC member, click here to skip to the next question’) next to the ‘No’ radio button to continue to the next appropriate question. This will select Yes under the last question on the screen. (d.) 
    c. If Yes, select one answer from the dropdown list under ‘If you are an SRC member, how many years did you serve?’ Then, go to step e.  
    d. For non-SRC member, select Yes or No radio button under ‘If you are not an SRC member, are you interested to be an SRC member in the future?’ Then, move on to step e. 
    e. Click the ‘Continue to Step 4’ button at the bottom.   - An error message will appear if you did not select one radio button under the first question (‘Are you an SRC member?’)

- Resolve the indicated issue and click the ‘Continue to Step 4’ button again.   

6. Registration Step 4: Type of Organization 
    a. Select one radio button from the group. 
    b. If you select the ‘Public Agency’ or ‘Other’ radio button, type in the name of your organization in the text box. 
    c. Click the ‘Continue to the Confirmation Page’ button.  - An error message will appear if you either did not select a radio button or not type in your organization name after selecting either the Public Agency or Other radio button.

- Resolve the indicated issue and click the ‘Continue to the Confirmation Page’ button.  

7. Registration – Final Step: Confirmation 
    a. Using this screen you can check your profile info and make necessary edits. 
    b. Click the ‘Edit’ link next to the section where you want to change your info. 
    c. When done, click the  ‘CONFIRM and COMPLETE the registration’ link. 8. Registration Completed a. Click the ‘Click here to start your SRC training’ link to go to the module list.

Login/Log Out/Edit Profile

1. Login a. Go to http://www.erehab.org/SRC b. Type in your Username and Password. c. Click the Login button

2. Logout: while you are logged in, click the ‘Logout’ link on the top right corner of the screen.  

3. View and Edit Profile: while logged in, click the ‘Edit Profile’ link on the top right side of the screen. 
    a. Click the ‘Edit’ link next to the section where you want to change your info. When done, click the ‘Update’ button to go back to the previous screen.
    b. To go back to the Module List page, click the link, ‘Return to the Module List page.’