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DRS Consumer Success Stories

Disability:  Orthopedic

The assistive Technology and training that the Department of Rehabilitation Services provided has allowed me to remain employed. With the additional assistance, I am continuing to be a proud tax paying citizen of this great state.

Disability:  Hearing Loss

I am very hard of hearing and needed new hearing aids to help me hear. Since the Department of Rehabilitation Services provided me with my new hearing aids, I am able to be a more productive person, with greater independence, on and off the job. I was also able to obtain employment and provide for my family and myself, thank you DRS.

Disability:  Depression/Anxiety/Drug Abuse 

The Department of Rehabilitation Services helped me out of my depression by helping me move forward and begin to live again. They helped me go to school so I can obtain my dream job and helped me financially and emotionally become independent and successful! Thank so much DRS for all you have done for me!

Disability:  Mobility & Manipulation/Dexterity

The Department of Rehabilitation Services helped me out immensely, when I came into the DRS office, I was lost and confused about my future. My counselor was always there to help support me, and give any guidance possible. I felt like DRS really did everything they could to help my situation and it is greatly appreciated. I now have a professional job in Human Resources and am working my way towards my career goals. DRS helped me get to that point where I could handle these types of decisions and/or be qualified to take a professional position.


Disability:  Degenerative Disc Disease Cervical Spine

Before the Department of Rehabilitation Services, employers would not even talk to me; it was due to no experience other than fast food. With the help of DRS, I completed training thru Canadian Valley Vo-tech and found employment within the medical office field. Thanks for your assistance and my God bless you, life is great!


Disability:  Psychosocial Impairment

The Department of Rehabilitation Services provided assistance for me to go to school which included my books and tools. They assisted with some daycare while I attend school. After graduation, I went straight to work.  Thank you, DRS.

Disability: Vision

I was unable to do my job, because of vision problems. Department of Rehabilitation Services helped me to keep my job with assistive devices and glasses, and they also provided eye examines to determine my vision problems. Thank you so much, you helped me in every way, thanks so much, I don’t know what I would have done without DRS services.

Disability: Hearing

I could not afford hearing aids and my job was in jeopardy. Department of Rehabilitation Services was able to provide me with hearing aids of my choice, and I was able to keep my job.

Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol

Before Department of Rehabilitation Services I did not have any drive or any reason to get up every day. Since then, I have received valuable school training, help from a job placement coach, and a new wardrobe to help me look good on the job. Now I have a job I really like and I am becoming more self sufficient. Things are certainly turning around for me and I like the direction it is going.

Disability: Orthopedic

Before vocational rehabilitation, I had an orthopedic disability that prevented me from getting a low labor, high paying job. Furthermore, my family did not have the funding required for me to attend college. Fortunately, vocational rehabilitation was my saving grace. With financial support and guidance I received from Department of Rehabilitation Services, I was able to successfully graduate from physical therapy school.

This degree enabled me to not only overcome my own physical disability, but also allowed me to help others with muscular, skeletal problems. In summary, upon graduation I was immediately employed and I am able to work smarter rather than harder. Thank you for this program, I am forever grateful.

Disability: Mental Health

When I just came to Department of Rehabilitation Services I had no idea where I was going in my life. After my accident my life was very confusing for me. Through help from DRS, I was able to seek an education that has helped me greatly to acquire the skills I have come to use in my new field of law.

My plans are to eventually seek a Julius Doctorate to become a lawyer. Who will help myself, my tribe, and others like me in my situation and to help make better the world? DRS, I want to thank you for helping me.

Disability: Vision

I was very nervous and had little faith in myself after being “laid off” after 13 years of employment. The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services helped me get back on my feet, built my confidence and gave me resources to find a job. I am now gainfully employed with insurance benefits. The job I started out in was eliminated but my company moved me to a much more challenging job, thank you DRS for all your help and support.

Disability: Below Knee Amputee

I will never be able to put into words how thankful I am for all the people that played a part in not only getting me a new below knee prosthesis but greatly improving my quality of life.  I became in need of a new prosthesis the end of 2007.  A that time my priority group with the DRS was closed.  I tried to work with another organization.  To make a long story short by Jan. 2009 I was still waiting.  My DRS counselor, who I cannot say enough wonderful things about, had me approved and scheduled for a prosthesis fitting in two weeks after there was funding for my priority group.  I honestly feel I would still be waiting for the other organization if it were not for DRS.  My life has improved dramatically.  I missed a total of two weeks from work due to my old limb causing blisters.  I suffered lots of back pain due to poor fit.  With my new limb I am able to go to work as a nurse, be on my feet all day and be comfortable and not in pain.  My gait has improved and with that so has my self-esteem.  I can now run again and it feels amazing. 

Disability: Visual Impairment 

Logan County: DRS has provided assistive technology that enables me to write this letter, assisting in securing employment through the business Enterprise Program and equipment to help provide a sense of security in the kitchen.  I now feel empowered with a sense of fulfillment without a  helping hand.  I would still be at home not out seeking employment.  Funding that provides transportation is needed to assist me to achieve training.  I have been provided an opportunity to meet people and form friendships.  Without this program I would be a very large couch potato and a very sad person. This program has given me an opportunity to strive towards independence and happiness.  Thank you for keeping this DRS program running for other needs in the future.  

Disability: Visual

I lost my vision due to brain surgery in 2003.  I contacted DRS and they came to my home quickly to put together a workable training plan.  They assisted me through my Bachelors and Masters degrees and because of visual services, I now work full-time for the federal government as a visual services coordinator and am off SSDI.  Thanks so much to my counselor and his staff for helping me get my life back. 

Disability: Visual

With DRS help I now have a viable small business in the music industry as a performer, songwriter and promoter.  I could have not achieved this without their help.  While this is currently a small part time business, I have been approached by investors that could help me grow my business to full time status.  My counselor and their team are Awesome!! Thanks.    

Disability: Visual

I wanted to start by saying DRS has been a blessing.  I am a part time rural mail carrier and a part time school bus driver.  Las fall I very suddenly started losing my vision in my right eye.  I went from 20/20 to nearly being blind in my right eye.  I went to my eye doctor who found that I had a rapidly degenerative cataract.  I have no insurance and the doctor put me in touch with DRS Visual Services.  After meeting with my counselor, he was able to get me the cataract surgery I had to have to keep my jobs.  The surgery went better than I could have ever imagined.  My vision is completely corrected and I actually can perform my duties better than ever.  Thank you from me and my three year old son.  You have provided me with an ability to excel at my jobs and provide for my family. 

Disability: Visual

Prior to the Department of Rehabilitation Services assistance and training, I was basically homebound for two years. After owning and operating a successful construction company for over 35 years, being  “homebound” was not providing me adequate social stimulation or economic reward. Post DRS assistance and training, I am back in the workforce, having fun, in the public eye and providing financial support for the home and family. From my point of view, I would strongly recommend this program for other visually impaired individuals who want to contribute to society.

Disability: Visual 

Cherokee County: I am an RN and it seems that daily my vision grew worse.  Finally my eye specialist said I would be completely blind soon if I did not get cornea transplants. I was only working part-time because of my poor vision and had no way to pay for the surgery.  I also could not afford insurance.  My doctor referred me to Visual Services.  The rest is like a miracle to me.  I had stopped working because I couldn’t do my work or drive.  I had a cornea transplant to my left eye.  I could see again!  They said my surgery was one of the most successful they had done.  I have 20/30 vision in my left eye without glasses. Rehab bought me two pairs of glasses, paid for every cent of surgery and office calls.  I went back to work full time at a good paying medical related job.  Rehab provided a big screen monitor so that I can use the computer to do my staffing report.  I think my life has made a complete turn around and I am very thankful for my counselor and the entire staff.  Thank you for everything. 

Disability: Hearing

I could not afford hearing aids and my job was in jeopardy.  DRS was able to assist me with the purchase of hearing aids of my choice and was able to keep my job.  

Disability: Hearing

I lost my hearing at the age of 18 months due to a fall.  I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss and doctors thought I would never be able to survive in the hearing world or public school.  Because of a great support system (parents, relatives, coaches, teachers, friends) I was able to prove the doctors wrong and survive in the hearing world.  I finished high school with a 4.0 GPA and was co-valedictorian of my class.  I went to play basketball in a private junior college, and now I am a registered dental hygienist.  DRS helped me tremendously by helping pay for college tuition and made sure I had all the help I needed in the classroom with assistive technology.  Without the help of AT and my support system or DRS I would not be where I am today.  Thank you. 

Disability: Orthopedic

Before VR I had an orthopedic disability that prevented me from getting a hard labor, low income job.  Furthermore, my family did not have the funding required to attend college.  Fortunately, VR was my saving grace.  Using the financial support and guidance of my VR counselor, I was able to successfully graduate from physical therapy graduate school.  This degree enables me to not only overcome my own physical disability, but also to help others with musculoskeletal problems.  In summary, upon graduation I was immediately employed and am able to work smarter rather than harder. Thank you for this program.  I am forever grateful. 

Disability: Paralysis

From high school to obtaining my MS in Education, I was very blessed to have the support from DRS staff.  Whatever I needed to succeed, they went above and beyond to see that I received it.  I gained more independence due to this program via a college education.  The program afforded me hope for my future.  I was able to convert my opportunity to attend college into my teaching position today.  Going from a frightened, lost, confused paralyzed adolescent to a hard working independent living, productive person is an asset to my state and country.  Through teaching, my story, my efforts will perpetuate the hope to others.

Disability: Fibromyalgia, Bad Back and Legs

I have been on and off Social Security Disability since 2000.  I would only get the Social Security Disability when I felt I could no longer work.  I became a client with VR and they were always there for me to talk to and get advice from. I have been going to college for a degree in Human Resource Counseling.  I now have been able to go back to work and I feel like a productive citizen again.  Thank you for all the help Rehab has given me.

Disability: Dyslexia

DRS helped me greatly by funding my college.  Also I was provided with assistive technology, laptop etc. and reading software that enabled me to be successful in my class work.  I’m not a graduate of OSU-Okmulgee with a degree in High Voltage Electricity.  I’m employed by a company and currently work in Missouri.

Disability: Mental Health

DRS has helped immensely in my success of getting back into the workeforce and living a productive life.  With the brain trauma I had to recover from would have been slower and less effectives if I was not able to go to college.  DRS helped financially and my counselor helped me emotionally.  At the end, I had a problem with interviews, but they had something to help me with that.  I now have a great government job with benefits and a retirement plan that I am very thankful for.  It was not an easy journey, nor a quick one, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  If it were not for DRS, I would never have reached the end of the tunnel.

Disability: Cognitive Mentally Challenged

DRS was understanding and they helped me get a job.  The helped me get a disability ID so I would be able to purchase a half price bus pass to get back and forth to work and home.  The people at my job showed me which chemicals to use to do my cleaning work.  They worked with me at first, now I just go in and go to work. 

Disability: Depression

I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to become the person that I am today. Before going to school, I felt so defeated and worthless. Now I have a totally different look on life, a new job and a sense of self worth. I may still have the same disability, but now I know they will not stop me from anything that I want to do.

Disability: Muscular Dystrophy

The services that the Department of Rehabilitation Services provided for me to accomplish my goal of graduating with a teaching degree has been wonderful! A few years ago, I encountered a brain aneurysm and recently was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My goal was to earn a college degree in teaching and work with children. My health encounters actually help me to pursue my goal, along with the assistance of DRS. The services which DRS provided for me to attend college and graduate were so helpful. As I attended college full time, DRS assisted me with my college tuition, books and other expenses related to school. I graduated from college on December 15, 2007 and began my new teaching job in Early Childhood Development on December 17, 2007. I would like to personally thank my counselor and his staff at DRS. They have been so friendly, encouraging and helpful. Thank you so much for allowing me to pursue my goal of earning a teaching degree and being able to work with children to hopefully make a difference in a child’s life.

Disability: Amputee and Diabetes 

Kay County:  DRS helped me get a prosthetic leg so I could walk again and get back to work.  If it was not for DRS I’d not be able to work today or walk ever again.  Thank you for this program and please keep it going!