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Calling a Policy Maker

Find your legislator: http://www.capitolconnect.com/oklahoma/default.aspx

Public officials expect to get calls from the public -- many have staff dedicated to the task. They rely on calls and letters to help them make the best decisions.



  • Identify yourself - give your name, where you live and why you are calling. . Ask if this is a good time to talk - if not, when would be a good time to call back. . Be polite, courteous and respectful of their time.


  • Always remember to ask for the action you want.


  • Say your piece, and then listen. Don't interrupt or argue.


  • If they want more information, let them know that you will get it to them.


  • If they have questions you cannot answer, say so. Then get the answer and call them back with it.


  • Finish the call by thanking them for their time and their support (if they are supportive).


  • You may speak to an aide or an answering machine - leave a message with the issue you are calling about, your name, number and the best times to reach you. . Don't be discouraged if they haven't returned your call in a few days, just call back.


To Contact your Oklahoma Policy Makers:


House Chamber                       800-522-8502 or 405-521-2711

House TDD                              405-557-7447

Senate Chamber                       800-865-6490 or 405-524-0126

State Library                            405-521-2502

Governor                                  405-521-2342