Q: Do I have to apply for a job before I can test?
A: Yes. You must apply for a job and receive notification that your application has been approved before you will be allowed to take the test for that job.
Q: Is there a study guide for the test?
A: HCM does not develop study guides for Merit tests. You could inquire at a public library about study guides like ARCO Civil Service Test Study Guides. These are general study guides for different types of jobs. No study guide is going to be specific to the Oklahoma State Merit tests though.
Q: Is there just one general Merit test for all state jobs?
A: No. The State of Oklahoma uses approximately 15 different Merit tests for the jobs that require testing. Each test focuses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a particular job or group of similar jobs will require.
Q: How long does it take to finish a test?
A: There is no time limit on multiple-choice Merit tests. Not all tests have the same number of questions, and people work at different paces, but it is strongly advised that you allow at least two hours to take a test. When scheduling a test at a location other than HCM, ask when the testing center closes.
Q: What does 100% written mean?
A: "Scores Based On: 100% Written Test" means that the multiple-choice test is the only score that is used to rank applicants on the eligible list. If other tests are required, they must be passed but do not count toward the final score.
Q: After I have tested, when will I be contacted for an interview?
A: Typically, requests to schedule an interview will be sent out one to two weeks after a job closes. If you successfully pass the required test(s), a couple of factors will determine whether you will be contacted by the hiring agency for an interview. Those factors are: 1) how many other people passed the test and how well they scored in comparison to your score, and 2) the number of names the hiring agency requests on the list and where you fall on that list in score order. In rare cases, a hiring agency has been known to never request a list for a job they were recruiting for or to return a list without hiring anyone.
Q: I have two applications that require the same test. I took the test already. Why is my score showing for one of the positions but not the other one?
A: The different recruitment announcements may be assigned to different staff members. There are some manual processes that must be performed by a staff member for your score to show up on your application status page. If you are still not seeing your score two days after you tested, please call 405-521-2171 and ask that this be checked.

Interesting Facts

An agency can request a list of names as soon as the job has closed. Seven additional days are allowed for testing as a courtesy to applicants who live or work in an area where testing availability is limited. Even if you have already missed a list, you may choose to go ahead and take the test knowing that there will be other recruitments for the same job title that will use the same test, and you can apply for those future postings and have the test already out of the way. A test score is good for one year from the date it was taken.