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Roy Dockum, Executive Director
Email:  roy.dockum@omvc.ok.us 
Primary areas of responsibility include:
Oversight of the Commission
Oversight of dealer advertising issues
Providing assistance to consumers, dealers, manufacturers, and salespersons
in accordance with the law and rules of the Commission
Marilyn Maxwell, Deputy Director
Email: marilyn.maxwell@omvc.ok.us 
Primary areas of responsibility include:
Administration of the day-to-day activities
All Licensing Requirements - Dealers, Salespersons, Manufacturers, Distributors
Assistant to the Director in all matters of the Commission

D.J. Giabbai, Fiscal Administrative Officer
Email: dj.giabbai@omvc.ok.us
Primary area of responsibility includes:
Financial administration

Board of Commissioners
The Commission is composed of nine members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate to serve terms of six years. Seven members must have been in the motor vehicle industry for at least ten years, and two are lay members. Six members must be from the following defined geographical areas; one each from Oklahoma County, Tulsa County, and the four quadrants of the State as divided by Interstate 40 and Interstate 35. The other three positions are at large members.

Current Commissioners:

Greg Cable, Chairman
Cable Volkswagen

Oklahoma County OKC
Term expires 6/30/13

Stephen Kissee, Vice-Chairman
Jack Kissee Ford
Northeast Area Claremore
Term expires 6/30/11

Randy Coy, Secretary
Dean's RV Superstore
Tulsa County Tulsa
Term expires 6/30/13

R.L. "Dick" Reynolds
Reynolds Ford-Lincoln-Merc-Mazda
At-Large Industry - Norman
Term expires 6/30/15


Eric Stuteville
Stuteville Ford
Southeast Area - Durant
Term expires 6/30/13

Gene Chumbley
Event Productions

Lay Member / At-Large  OKC
Term Expires 6/30/15

Bruce Barber
Barber-Dyson Ford-Lincoln-Mercury
Southwest Area  Elk City
Term expires 6/30/11

Carol Carver
Elk City Tag Agency
Lay Member / At Large - Elk City
Term expires 6/30/15

David Howe
Northwest Area Clinton
Term expires 6/30/11




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