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Oklahoma Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission
This Agency licenses and regulates Used Motor Vehicle Dealers and salespersons. Questions or problems regarding used vehicle transactions are handled through their office.
Phone (405) 521-3600 Or visit their website at www.umvpc.state.ok.us 

Oklahoma Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle Division
The Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle Division is the repository for all information relating to titles, tag, registration and liens.  They also license new and used trailer and boat dealers; and issue new and used dealer plates.
Phone #  (405) 521-3217  For tag, title, registration and liens
Phone #  (405) 521-3669  Boat & Trailer Dealers and Metal Dealer Plates
Or visit their website at www.oktax.state.ok.us 

Department Of Public Safety
This Department handles driver licenses, suspended driver licenses, driver records, State ID's, and Handicap Parking Permits. It also oversees size and weight permits for large trucks.

Phone (405) 425-2424 Or visit their website at www.dps.state.ok.us 

Department Of Consumer Credit
This Agency regulates entities that extend credit to consumers. This includes dealers who do in house financing. This Department is available to provide information on credit disclosure requirements and all aspects of the consumer credit transaction, including repossessions.
Phone (405) 521-3653 Or visit their website at www.okdocc.state.ok.us

Insurance Commission
The Insurance Commissioner's office regulates extended warranties offered on vehicles, and insurance sold, such as credit life, disability, and GAP insurance.
Phone (405) 521-2828 Or visit their website at www.oid.state.ok.us 

Federal Trade Commission
This is the Consumer Protection Office of the FTC.
Main FTC website: www.ftc.gov  Consumer Protection Section www.ftc.gov/ftc/consumer.htm 

Federal Trade Commission – Automobile Buyers Guide
This is a good site to look at prior to purchasing a vehicle.

Or visit their website at


Better Business Bureau
The BBB provides information on business entities, “Lemon” Laws, and dispute resolution.

OKC Office (405) 239-681
Tulsa Office (918) 492-1266
National website www.bbb.com

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHTSA is the Federal Agency which provides motor vehicle safety information, including crash tests, child passenger safety, recalls, and service bulletins.
  Or visit their website at www.nhtsa.dot.gov 



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