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MPC Commissioners


The Oklahoma Merit Protection Commission consists of nine members appointed for three year terms. The members are removable only for cause.

  • Two members of the Commission are appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.
  • Two members of the Commission are appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • Five members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor. No more than four of the Governor's appointments may be from the same political party.

Based on 74 O.S. Section: 840-1.7


The MPC Commissioners are:

  • Chairman Dewade Langley
  • Commissioner Charles Burton
  • Commissioner Scott Gesell
  • Commissioner Robert Braudrick
  • Commissioner Kim Neese
  • Commissioner Brian Crain
  • Commissioner Ryan Lewellyn


Click here for biographic information and pictures of each Commissioner.

Powers and Duties

The Oklahoma Merit Protection Commission:

  • Receives and acts on complaints, counsels persons and groups on their rights and duties and takes action to obtain voluntary compliance with the provisions of the Oklahoma Personnel Act;
  • Investigates charges of violations of the Oklahoma Personnel Act within their jurisdiction;
  • Investigates charges of abuses in the employment practices of the Administrator of the Office of Personnel Management or of any state agency;
  • Investigates charges of violations of the rules of the Merit System of Personnel Administration and prohibited activities in the classified service;
  • Establishes a statewide Alternative Dispute Resolution Program to provide dispute resolution services for state agencies and employees;
  • Establishes rules needed to perform the duties and functions of the Commission;
  • Establishes guidelines for the qualifications, duties, responsibilities, authority, power, and continued employment of the Executive Director, Administrative Hearing Officers, mediators, and other resolution arbitrators or facilitators; and
  • Performs other statutory duties.

Based on 74 O.S. Section: 840-1.9