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Part of our success has been realized through our on-line services. We've been able to resolve 60% of our disputes through on-line resolution. On-line services provide direct responses to the frequently asked questions on human resource issues, and we provide specific case references on how to respond to those issues.

Services have been expanded because of our futuristic delivery system. The services offered through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) are far beyond what we offered in the past. None of this would have been possible without the website we created in FY 2002.

Disputes that would have taken months to resolve can now be resolved in days. The benefits are a quicker more flexible resolution system resulting in more productive employee/supervisor relationships. Our on-line counseling services have helped supervisors readily identify and correct potential problems before they escalate to a dispute.

Because we have designed a better financial accounting system to track how each dollar is spent, we have been able to better plan and manage the Agency. Better planning and management has increased productivity and enhanced the effectiveness of services delivered to our customers.

The internal evaluation system utilized readily identifies available funds and future spending needs.

Because we are able to identify program money we know where we've been most effective and where we need to make modifications.

Through open communications with the Executive Branch, Legislature, clients, and agencies, we provide direct services to all our customers. Through the sharing and exchange of communications and ideas, we have been instrumental in providing services and information regarding what we do, how we do it, whom we serve, and the successes we have achieved.