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§ 2-503. Claims, notices and objections

A. Claims for benefits shall be made in accordance with all rules that the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission may prescribe.

B. Promptly after an initial claim or an additional initial claim is filed, the Commission shall give written notice of the claim to the last employer of the claimant for whom he or she worked at least fifteen (15) working days. The required fifteen (15) working days are not required to be consecutive. Provided, that promptly after the Commission is notified of the claimant's separation from an employment obtained by a claimant during a continued claim series, the Commission shall give written notice of the claim to the last separating employer. Notices to separating employers during a continued claim series will be given to the last employer in the claim week without regard to length of employment.

C. Promptly after the claim is paid for the fifth week of benefits the Commission shall give written notice of the claim to all other employers of the claimant during the claimant's base period. The notice will be given pursuant to Section 3-106 of this title.

D. Notices shall be deemed given when the Commission deposits the same in the United States mail addressed to the employer's last-known address. Notice shall be presumed prima facie to have been given to the employer to whom addressed on the date stated in the written notice. If the employer has elected to be notified by electronic means according
to procedures set out in Oklahoma Employment Security Commission rules, notice shall be deemed to be given when the Commission transmits the notification by electronic means.

E. Within ten (10) days after the date on the notice or the date of the postmark on the envelope in which the notice was sent, whichever is later, an employer may file with the Commission at the address prescribed in the notice written objections to the claim setting forth specifically the facts which:

1. Make the claimant ineligible for benefits under Sections 2-201 through 2-210 of this title;
2. Disqualify the claimant from benefits under Sections 2-401 through 2-419 of this title; or
3. Relieve such employer from being charged for the benefits wages of such claimant.
F. An untimely employer objection to a claim for unemployment benefits made pursuant to subsection E of this section may be allowed for good cause shown.


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