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Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Disaster Unemployment Assistance Rights Interview

This is to inform you of your responsibilities and rights when you apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA).

DUA is available to unemployed workers or unemployed self employed individuals who were employed or were to begin employment in the major disaster area when the disaster occurred.

General Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for DUA you must meet all the following eligibility requirements:

  • Your unemployment must have been caused as a direct result of a major disaster declared by the President of the United States.
  • An initial application for DUA must be filed within 30 days of the State announcement of the availability of assistance.
  • The wages used to calculate your weekly amount must meet the applicable State unemployment insurance benefit criteria.
Conditions of Unemployment as a Direct Result of a Major Disaster

One of the following conditions of unemployment must have occurred as a direct result of the disaster to qualify for DUA:

  • No longer have a job.
  • Are unable to reach the place of employment.
  • Were to have started work and do not have a job or unable to reach the job.
  • Became to breadwinner or major support because the head of household died.
  • Cannot work because of injury caused by the major disaster.

If you are not a citizen of the United States, you cannot be paid DUA benefits based on your services unless you were legally in the United States at the time such services were performed and authorized to work.

Reporting and Filing Requirements

Initial and weekly claims must be timely filed.

An active work search must be conducted for each week claimed unless waived per documentation.

An applicant must be able and available for work within the meaning of the applicable State law, except and applicant will be deemed to meet this requirement if an injury directly caused by the disaster is the reason for inability to work, or in case of as unemployed self employed individual, the individual performs service or activities which are solely for the purpose of enabling the individual to resume self employment.

Duration of Benefits

A DUA claimant's continued eligibility for benefits during the disaster assistance period prescribed by law is determined on a week-to-week basis. For each week claimed, the claimant's unemployment must continue to be a direct result of the major disaster.

An individual shall not be eligible for DUA or be required to file an initial claim for DUA who is under the following status:

  • Individual that has established a regular unemployment insurance benefit year before and has not exhausted regular and/or extended benefits to which they are entitled, or
  • Is eligible for regular benefits.
Reduction of DUA Benefits
DUA benefits may be denied or reduced by the receipt of some compensation prescribed by State law.
Disqualification or Termination of Benefits

Disqualification or termination of DUA will be determined as follows:

  • The DUA claimant is re-employed in a suitable position, or
  • Refused without good cause to accept suitable work or a referral to suitable work without good cause, or
  • Is not able or available for work under the applicable State law (except within the special provisions of DUA), or
  • Is no longer unemployed as a direct result of the disaster.
Notice of DUA Determination of Entitlement
The State agency will notify the DUA claimant in writing of the initial determination or redetermination of entitlement or reason for non-entitlement of DUA benefits.

Any determination or redetermination regarding the eligibility for DUA or amount of assistance may be appealed within 60 days after the applicant is notified of the award or the denial of the DUA award.

DUA benefits are provided through Federal funds. You are responsible for giving correct answers to questions asked in your initial and weekly applications for DUA benefits. All information furnished is subject to verification. Criminal and/or civil penalties for violation of federal and/or state laws will be enforced for willfully making false statements or concealing information that is material to your receipt of Disaster Unemployment Assistance.



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