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Labor Market Statistics - Contacts

Economic Research & Analysis Division

General Contacts by Department:

Department Contact E-mail address Telephone Number
Labor Market Information       Huifen Shirley Zhang E-Mail (405) 557-7172
Current Employment Statistics       Brenda Kelley E-Mail (405) 557-5456
Local Area Unemployment Statistics       Brenda Kelley E-Mail (405) 557-5456
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages       Ying (Sarah) Su E-Mail (405) 557-7245
Occupational Employment Statistics       Clara Rogers E-Mail (405) 557-5387
Local Employment Dynamics       Kristie Brown E-Mail (405) 557-7111
Affirmative Action       Emma Woodford E-Mail (405) 557-7255
Fax Number     (405) 525-0139

Employee Listing:

 Director of Economic Research & Analysis and Chief Economist
    Lynn Gray E-Mail (405) 557-7221
  Programs Manager, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) and Occupational Employment Statistics (OES)
    Ying (Sarah) Su E-Mail (405) 557-7245
 Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
    Moi-Sin (Anjolie) Chua, Analyst E-mail (405) 557-7233
    Martha Smith-Galbraith, Analyst E-mail (405) 557-7263
    Meixiang Zhou, Analyst E-mail (405) 962-4624
    Samang Surintha-Baltes, Analyst E-mail (405) 557-5236
    Darcie Hill, Analyst       E-mail       (405) 557-5383
  Occupational Employment Statistics (OES)
    Clara Rogers, Manager E-Mail (405) 557-5387
    Rebecca Enns, Analyst E-Mail (405) 557-5471
    Lydia Marzouk, Administrative Assistant E-Mail (405) 962-4669
    Jeremey Clement, Analyst E-Mail (405) 557-7261
    Jaclyn Beaty, Analyst E-Mail (405) 557-7231
  Programs Manager, Labor Market Information (LMI), Current Employment Statistics (CES), and Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)
    Huifen Shirley Zhang E-Mail (405) 557-7172
 Current Employment Statistics (CES), Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)
    Brenda Kelley, Manager E-Mail (405) 557-5456
  Labor Market Information (LMI)
    Monty Evans, Senior Economist E-Mail (405) 557-5369
    Jesse Fuchs, Analyst E-Mail (405) 557-7107
    Tessema, Genet, Analyst E-mail (405) 557-7122
 Local Employment Dynamics (LED)
    Kristie Brown, Analyst E-Mail (405) 557-7111
 Annual Refiling Survey (ARS)
    Charles Calvert, Analyst E-Mail (405) 557-5407
Mailing Address:
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Economic Research & Analysis
P.O. Box 52003
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2003