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Employment Labor Law Posters


Click links below for more information regarding employment labor law posters.


Employers please note:  Do not be mislead by solicitations requiring payment for these posters.  They are provided FREE from the sources below.


Federal Required Posters  www.dol.gov/osbp/sbrefa/poster/matrix.htm

U.S. Department of Labor

ESA Wage & Hour Division

OKC Field Office

Old Post Office Bldg, Rm. 321

McGee Av & N. Robinson

OKC, OK  73102

Phone (405) 231-4545


U.S. Department of Labor

ESA Wage & Hour Division

5110 S. Yale Av, Ste 303

Tulsa, OK  74135

Phone (918) 496-6791

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

210 Park Av, Ste 1350

OKC, OK  73102

Phone (405) 231-4911 or 1-800-669-4000

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Area Director           

55 N Robinson, Ste 315

OKC, OK  73102

Phone (405) 278-9560

State Required Posters

State Public Occupational Safety and Health (State Public Facilities Only)

Oklahoma Department of Labor

3017 N. Stiles Suite 100

OKC, OK  73105

Phone (405) 521-6100


Oklahoma Department of Labor

440 S. Houston, Ste 300

Tulsa, OK  74127

Phone (918) 581-2400

  • Oklahoma Fair Employment Practice Act

Oklahoma Human Rights Commission

Jim Thorpe Bldg, Rm. 480

2101 N. Lincoln Blvd

OKC, OK  73105

Phone (405) 521-2360, 521-3441, 521-3442


Oklahoma Human Rights Commission

Robert S. Kerr Bldg

440 S. Houston, Rm. 302

Tulsa, OK  74127

Phone (405) 918 580-2733

  • Oklahoma Worker's Compensation Notice

Worker's Compensation Court

1915 N. Stiles

OKC, OK  73105

Phone (405) 522-8600

Watts Phone 1-800-522-8210

  • Notice to Workers and Registration Certificate
    (Only for Qualified Employers through State Office Only)

Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Status Division

PO Box 52003

OKC, OK  73152-2003

Phone (405) 557-7138