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Oklahoma is deeply committed to strengthening its Youth Activities under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). With the implementation of WIA, Oklahoma established local Youth Councils that work closely with community programs and the educational system to ensure that needs of local youth are met. 


Not only can youth learn about the world of work (and often find their first job) through local youth programs; but can also participate in academic enrichment, leadership development, and college & career exploration. Special programs are available for school dropouts, homeless youth, runaways, youth in or aging out of foster care, pregnant and/or parenting youth, offenders, youth with disabilities, youth who may be basic skills deficient, and youth in need of additional assistance to complete an educational program or to secure and hold employment.

The following 10 services are offered to Oklahoma’s youth, ages 14 to 21:

♦  Tutoring, study skills training, and instruction leading to secondary school completion, including dropout prevention strategies;
♦  Alternative secondary school offerings;
♦  Summer employment opportunities directly linked to academic and occupational learning;
♦  Paid and unpaid work experience including internships and job shadowing;
♦  Occupational skills training;
♦  Leadership development opportunities, which may include such activities as positive social behavior and soft skills, decision-making, teamwork and other activities;
♦  Supportive services which may include assistance with work tools, uniforms, child care, or transportation;
♦  Adult mentoring for the period of participation and a subsequent period, for a total of not less than 12 months;
♦  Follow-up services; and,
♦  Comprehensive guidance and counseling which may include drug and alcohol abuse counseling and referral, as appropriate.

For eligibility and application information - contact your local Workforce Office.  www.workforceok.org/locator.htm


For additional information, e-mail:    Kim Braddy


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