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Precedent Manual Section IV  

Voluntarily Leaving Employment
 IV-1,2    Definition of Voluntary Quit/Burden of Proof
 IV-3    Precedential Case Law
   3  Aero Design & Engineering
   4  Blankenship
   5  R & R Engineering
   6  Glen
   7  Standrigdge 
   8  Uniroyal 
   9  OESC v. Bd of Rev 
   10  Pruitt 
   12  Wright v. Edwards 
   14  City of Boerne v. Flores 
 IV-20    Abandonment of Position
   -1-3  Case Law and Commission Cases
 IV-30    Change in Terms or Conditions of Work
   (A)-1  Change in Company Policy
   (B)-1-2   Change in Work Assignment/Duties
   (C)-1-3   Demotion &/or Pay Reduction
   (D)-1-2   Employer Failed to Keep Promise
   (E)-1  Excessive Overtime
   (F)-1- 3  Reduction/Change in Hours Worked
   (G)-1   Relocation of Employment
   (H)-1   Temporary Change in Work Assignment
   (I)-1   Transfer to Different Shift
 IV-40    Constructive Quit
   -1  Case Law and Commission Cases
 IV-50    Leaving Because of Disciplinary Action
     Case Law and Commission Cases 
 IV-60     Leaving Because of Disciplinary Action
     Case Law and Commission Cases 
 IV-70     Opposition to Drug Testing Policies
     Case Law and Commission Cases 
 IV-80     Illness or Injury
   (A)-1  Aggravation to Pre-existing Condition
   (B)-1-2  Inability to Perform Duties
   (C)-1   Medical Leave
   (D)-1   Non Work-Related Accident or Illness
   (E)-1   Required to Permanently Leave Work
   (F)-1-2   Stress Related to Job
   (G)-1   Work-Related Accident/Illness
 IV-90    Incarceration
   -1  Case Law and Commission Cases
 IV-100    Labor Dispute
   -1-3  Case Law and Commission Cases
 IV-110    Lack of Work
   (A)-1  Business Closed Because of Buyout
   (B)-1-2   Layoff While on Leave of Absence
   (C)-1   Medical Problems After Layoff 
   (D)-1   Moving After Layoff
   (E)-1   Temporary Layoff
   (F)-1-3   Temporary Worker
 IV-120    Leaving in Anticipation of Discharge
   -1-2  Case Law and Commission Cases
 IV-130    Personal or Domestic Reasons
   (A)-1  Care of Children
   (B)-1   Desire for Promotion or Higher Wages
   (C)-1   Dislike of Work
   (D)-1   Illness or Death of Relative
   (E)-1   Moving Residence
   (F)-1   Leaving to Attend School
   (G)-1-2   Spouse Relocated
   (H)-1   Transportation
   (I)-1   Vacation
   (J)-1   Wanting Part-time Work Only
 IV-140    Opposition to Polygraph Testing
   -1  Case Law and Commission Cases
 IV-150    Pregnancy
   -1  Case Law and Commission Cases
 IV-160    Religious Beliefs
   -1-2  Case Law and Commission Cases
 IV-170    Resignation
   (A)-1  Early Acceptance by Employer
   (B)-1  Desire for Higher Wages
   (C)-1-2  In Lieu of Discharge
   (D)-1  To Seek or Accept Other Work
   (E)-1  To Seek Full-Time Position
   (F)-1  Resignation Withdrawn
 IV-180    Retirement
  -1  Case Law and Commission Cases
IV-190     Unfavorable Working Conditions 
  (A)-1-2  Disagreement with Employer Rules or Decisions
  (B)-1   Drug Problem in the Workplace
  (C)-1   False Accusations
  (D)-1   Harassment
  (E)-1   No Provision for Physical Needs 
  (F)-1   Relationship with Co-Workers 
  (G)-1-2   Relationship with Employer 
  (H)-1   Request for Transfer Denied 
  (I)-1   Sexual Discrimination and/or Harassment
  (J)-1  Use of Foul Language
  (K)-1-2  Verbal Abuse Causing Mental Stress
IV-200    Unsafe Working Conditions
  (A)-1  Excessive Overtime Requirements
  (B)-1  Inexperienced Supervisors or Co-Workers
  (C)-1  Injuries or Potential for Injuries on the Job
  (D)-1  Machinery Not in Good Repair
  (E)-1  Personal Attacks or Threat of Personal Attacks on Employees
  (F)-1  Physical Assault (Robbery, etc.)
IV-210    Wages
  (A)-1  Change in Per Diem Allowance
  (B)-1  Changes Pursuant to Union Contract
  (C)-1  Failure to Pay Promptly or Correctly
  (D)-1-2  Reduction in Wages
IV-220    Voluntary Quit – Temporary Employees
  1-2  Case Law and Commission Cases