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Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Leadership Team


Richard McPherson

Richard McPherson - Executive Director

(405) 557-7201

email: richard.mcpherson@oesc.state.ok.us

Picture of Teresa Keller

Teresa Keller - Deputy Director

(405) 557-7237

email: teresa.keller@oesc.state.ok.us

Jon Eller

Jon Eller - Reemployment Services /Targeted Populations Division Director

(405) 557-7193

email: jon.eller@oesc.state.ok.us

Picture of Mike Evans

Pete Shipman - Chief Information Technology Officer (Interim) 

(405) 557-5429

email: pete.shipman@oesc.state.ok.us

Picture of Lisa Graven

Lisa Graven - Reemployment Services/Customer Service Division Director

(405) 557-7121

email: lisa.graven@oesc.state.ok.us

Picture of Lynn Gray

Lynn Gray - Economic Research and Analysis Director

(405) 557-7221

email: lynn.gray@oesc.state.ok.us

Clyde Stevens

Clyde Stevens - Appellate Division Director

(405) 601-3311

email: clyde.stevens@oesc.state.ok.us

Picture of Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson - Internal Audit Director

(405) 557-5487

email: anna.johnson@oesc.state.ok.us

Picture of John Miley

John Miley - General Counsel

(405) 557-7146

email: john.miley@oesc.state.ok.us

Picture of Shalonda Sanders

Shalonda Sanders - Reemployment Services/Support and Compliance Division Director


email: shalonda.sanders@oesc.state.ok.us

Human Resources  
Picture of Lisa Hoelscher

Lisa Hoelscher - Human Resources Director

(405) 557-7207

email: lisa.hoelscher@oesc.state.ok.us

Civil Rights  
Picture of Emma Woodford

Emma Woodford - Civil Rights Administrator

(405) 557-7235

email: emma.woodford@oesc.state.ok.us

Chief Financial Officer  
Riley Shaull picture

Riley Shaull, Chief Financial Officer

(405) 557-7210

email: riley.shaull@oesc.state.ok.us