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Specialty Drug Courts


Oklahoma’s drug court programs provide a highly-structured alternative to incarceration for eligible offenders in the criminal justice system.  With oversight from ODMHSAS, multidisciplinary teams comprised of district judges, district attorneys, defense attorneys, treatment providers, law enforcement officers, and program coordinators work together increasing participant accountability through intensive substance abuse treatment and judicial supervision.  While program participants are generally charged with a substance abuse related crime, a holistic and individualized approach to treatment is utilized to focus on recovery and improvement in all areas of life.  Graduates, when compared to program admission, have an 86.2% reduction in unemployment rates, an 82.2% increase in monthly income, 23.1% decrease in individuals without a high school diploma, and a 48.8% increase in children living at home. As of July 1 2009, there were 4,501 program participants in the 41 adult drug court programs covering 61 counties.


Drug courts continue to be a smart investment. The average annual cost of incarceration in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is $19,000 per person, compared with the average annual per person cost for drug court participation of $5,000.  Drug court graduate re-arrest rates of 23.5% when compared with rates of those whom successfully complete standard probation, 38.2%, and released inmates, 54.3%, are further proof that Oklahoma Drug Courts work.  The success of drug court has also supported the development of other innovative diversionary court programs such as juvenile drug courts, DUI courts, mental health courts, family courts, and veteran’s courts across the state.

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Nisha Wilson, MS, LPC

Director of Specialty Courts
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