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2013 Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame 

Inductees with governor Fallin
April 11, 2013 Induction Ceremony (click here for event photos)

Inductees and Bios

Ida Blackburn

2013 WHOF Inductee

Ida “B,” a pioneer in early television, was born August 18, 1929, as Ida Mae Turley of Ninnekah, Oklahoma. After attending schools in Chickasha and Chandler, she studied music in college and taught music in the public schools until 1958 when she auditioned for the role of “Miss Ida,” the local host of the syndicated children’s show, Romper Room. With a knack for connecting with viewers through the new medium of television, Ida would remain on the air until 1975 with shows such as At Home with Ida B, The Ida B Show, and Dateline Hollywood. On the national stage, she was a pioneer in local-market coverage of movies and television shows with interviews captured both on location and at the studios. When local time slots were taken by network programming, Ida joined the sales staff at KOCO-TV and quickly became the top salesperson. Other accomplishments include record-breaking promotion of concerts; modeling, singing, and acting; and the creation of the Ida B Agency, one of the first public relations and advertising firms in Oklahoma owned by a woman. She is married to the former cowboy and zoo director, Bird Dog Rogers, and is the proud mother of two children, Bob and Betty, and the grandmother of Beau, Shay, Lindsay, and Chris. Ida lives in Oklahoma City, the community she has served for more than 50 years.


Elaine Dodd

2013 WHOF Inductee

Elaine Dodd has been a pioneer for women in law enforcement as the first female undercover agent in Oklahoma. In 1992 as the Director for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, she became the first female to run a statewide law enforcement agency in the US.  During her 22 year tenure with OBNDD, she wrote the legislation for the nation’s first computerized drug tracking for Schedule II prescriptions (OSTAR) and helped to ensure its passage by getting the drug companies’ support.  After retiring from Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, (OBNDD) and joining Leadership Oklahoma (LOK) Class IX, she worked for LOK to start, encourage and support local leadership programs across the state.  Ms. Dodd continues to support those efforts doing pro bono programs for many communities and has always been a strong advocate for women in leadership positions, both through mentoring women and “Don’t Wear Your Gender on Your Sleeve” talks focusing on the nuances and strengths of women as leaders.  In 2003, Ms. Dodd joined the OK Bankers Association and started the first fraud division in a banking association.  A charter member of CAFEE (Coalition Against Financial Exploitation of the Elderly), she has networked with and trained law enforcement, bankers, and APS, making Oklahoma a model for the nation.  Because of her recognized expertise, she was invited to present during the World Elder Abuse Day in June 2012, at the White House.  She has received numerous awards and honors, the most recent one being the 2013 recipient of the AG’s Brad Edwards Consumer Champion Award. Elaine is an Oklahoma advocate with a passion since learning that necessity in a feed store in Blair, OK!

Linda Haneborg

2013 WHOF InducteeAn Oklahoma resident for nearly 40 years, Linda has spent her professional and personal live enhancing the lives of others with an emphasis on the progress of women and children.  She has made a decided difference in the following areas: business, community service and national/international leadership.  Linda created new frontiers for women business owners by convincing certifying bodies that women and minority franchisees are true small business owners and are thereby eligible for certification as Women Business Enterprises (WBE) and/or Minority Business Enterprises. As a small business owner, corporate executive, women’s and political activist and community volunteer, not only has Linda experienced a rewarding and professional career, but she undeniably believes in giving back and paying forward. She has mentored thousands of women in business across the United States by speaking, teaching, serving and contributing to other’s wellbeing. Linda has contributed thousands of countless hours and raised thousands of dollars for numerous communities and national causes,  for example,  the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) – OKC, Go Red for Women , and the University of Oklahoma (OU) WE Inspire program to name a few.    



Lou Kerr

2013 WHOF Inductee

Lou Kerr has lived in Oklahoma her entire life, and she has committed her time and expertise to the betterment of life for women, youth and families. Lou has spent most of her life being an ambassador for Oklahoma and making a better world for women and children.  Education, health, arts and culture and our Civic Community have all benefited from Lou’s dreams and goals. She gives of her time and talents, inspiring others to come along on the journey.  She has willingly shared her wisdom with the boards of many organizations. She has chaired many community organizations and served on numerous national groups.  Lou’s name is well known across Oklahoma and across our nation.  Her contributions to both her local and national communities through her philanthropic endeavors have made a long lasting impact on innumerable people on a local level as well as the United States and the world. Lou has served or is currently serving on numerous boards, such as the Women’s Leadership Board at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, the University of Oklahoma (OU) International Center, and the Hazel K. Goddess Fund for Stroke Research for Women.  She is the founder of the Oklahoma chapter of the international group, Women’s Presidents Organization and the Oklahoma chapter of the International Women’s Forum.  Lou is the founder of the Women’s Leadership Conference, held for the past 22 consecutive years in conjunction with the Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) Spears School of Business.

Nancy Miller

2013 WHOF Inductee

Nancy grew up in Oklahoma City where she attended Christ the King Elementary School and then Bishop McGinnis High School.  She attended the University Of Oklahoma (OU). After graduation, Nancy served in VISTA for a year working with underprivileged children.  Although journalism was not her major, Nancy felt she had something to say, so she decided to take a chance and go to LA to see if she could work in the industry writing lyrics, jingles, or background work for television and movies. Nancy Miller is a veteran television series producer and writer.  She most recently created the acclaimed TNT series Saving Grace which starred Academy Award winner Holly Hunter.  The series is the fourth original series created by Miller.  Miller also created and served as executive producer on the successful drama series Leaving L.A. and the highly popular series Any Day Now staring Annie Potts.  Her newest and most successful on mainstream television is the hit series “Nashville” where she develops the story around strong women central figures. Nancy is known for her portrayal of women in strong roles as police officers, CSI special agents, medical staff, and role models for women who believe they can achieve. Nancy is supportive of many charities and community activities such as Food for the Poor, American Cancer Society, Oklahoma City Memorial, Tulsa Project, Ronald McDonald House, and Holy Cross Family Ministries to name a few.  



Terri Watkins

Terri Watkins 2013 WHOF Inductee







Terri Watkins served the Oklahoma media as an award winning television journalist for 20 years at KOCO news.  She won most every major television award including the Edward R. Murrow investigative journalism award for excellence.  She is a consultant and media instructor for the University of Oklahoma (OU) in the sports division.  She has taught multimedia broadcasting at OU for 10 years inspiring young novice reporters. Terri is one of a kind.  She volunteers for those things close to her heart and knows how to turn a story into a heartfelt and brilliant expose.  Terri’s national acclaim as an investigative journalist brings a great deal of credit to the profession in Oklahoma.  She has broken barriers with her tough but fair approach to being the eyes and ears of the public as a constitutional mandate.  She brings both dignity and prestige to women in public and investigative reporting. Terri donates hundreds of hours tutoring, monitoring and supporting bright young women setting their feet on the path for future literary and political careers.  



Last Modified on 03/25/2014