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Mandatory PMP Checks


Summary for House Bill 1948:

• Effective date of HB 1948 November 1, 2015
• Mandatory PMP check for new patients or after 180 days elapsed since PMP check for patient prior to physician prescribing one of the following:  opiates, synthetic opiates, semi-synthetic opiates, benzodiazepine, or carisoprodol (exclusions for Hospice or end-of-life, or patients residing in nursing facility)
• Physicians may designate a staff member to run the patient PMP on the physician’s behalf
• Physicians may include a copy of the patient’s PMP in the patient’s medical record
• Under this act, access to the OBN PMP now granted to medical practitioners and their staff employed by federal agencies treating patients in the state of Oklahoma


House Bill 1948 in full text.