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The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) has ended a month-long undercover drug sting in Bartlesville resulting in numerous arrests and search warrants. OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward says agents and officers from several departments fanned out just after noon today armed with arrest warrants for nearly 50 defendants accused of selling drugs to undercover OBN agents.

"Last year, OBN created a Mobile Operations Team (M.O.T.). This unit is designed to identify and target drug suspects within specific communities, statewide. For the past month, OBN agents assigned to our M.O.T. unit have been in Bartlesville making undercover drug buys from several dealers in this area. Today, our MOT unit wrapped up its investigation by rounding up those defendants."

---Mark Woodward, OBN Spokesman

Woodward says the undercover drug buys included methamphetamine, crack cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs. The defendants in this investigation will face charges of Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Dangerous Substances. Some may also face Drug Trafficking charges. OBN Director Darrell Weaver says this investigation emphasizes the importance of the M.O.T. unit.

"The Mobile Operations Team (M.O.T.) consists of a group of highly covert, veteran undercover agents strategically deployed into an area local law enforcement have identified as troubled spots within their communities. The Bureau agents go undercover and secure the evidence themselves rather than utilizing confidential informants thus making cases that have an extremely high conviction rate.

I believe that the ripple effect after the MOT unit has conducted an operation will have a paralyzing presence because drug violators will not know if or when they are actually selling to a state narcotic agent.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is committed to assist local law enforcement to disrupt and dismantle illicit drug cell groups in Oklahoma.

The recently adopted mission statement of the bureau is, 'Committed to honor, integrity and excellence the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics will serve the citizens of Oklahoma in a quest for a drug free state' and the Mobile Operations Team is one of tools to assist us in pursuing our mission."

---OBN Director Darrell Weaver

Woodward says similar M.O.T. investigations are planned for the near future in areas all across the state. As of 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, Woodward says 30 defendants have been arrested in the Bartlesville round-up, and additional suspects are expected to be located over the next several days. Assisting with the Bartlesville investigation and with the arrest warrants today were officers from the Drug Task Forces in District 11 and 22, as well as officers from the Bartlesville Police Department and the Washington County Sheriffs Department.