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Message from the Director

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is a multi-faceted agency that is the national model and leader in the robust, dynamic environment of drug enforcement.  Whether it be the Prescription Take Back Program, the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), Marihuana Eradication, or Wire Intercepts; the Bureau uses creativity along with cutting edge technology to address and combat these areas of responsibility.  In addition, the agency is fast becoming a leader in Human Trafficking investigations and Drug Endangered Children issues, thus protecting some of the most vulnerable of our population.

Although the mission of Bureau is both critical and vital, it is second to the valiant and honorable men and women who strive daily to make a safer Oklahoma.  The agency has both commissioned, non-commissioned personnel, and reserve agents who work tirelessly, and at a high level of excellence for such a noble cause.

Collectively, we can only have success against these harms that want to devastate our communities by cooperative efforts of our partners in law enforcement and our citizens.  Corporately, we must embrace our duty to stand firm against these problematic, adaptive opponents and seek the good.

Together we can make a difference and a lasting, enduring positive effect towards the future of our great state.  Together we can win!