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 Prevention of, and Response to, an Active Shooter

Our services are provided at no cost to you.

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation at your location, or need more information, contact:

Jim McBride

Office (405) 425-7589

Cell    (405) 823-5729



In Houses of Worship     


Did you know that violence in houses of worship is on the rise?  In the United States we have had 92 deaths and numerous injuries in the past ten years.
Do you know how to create a balance between your mission and crime prevention efforts?  A congregation should not worship in fear, nor should the worship experience be altered to the point of distraction with guard dogs, metal detectors, or armed security officers guarding the entrances to the sanctuary.
Do you have a current Emergency Operation Plan for your site?  We teach how to write an Emergency Operation Plan and give you examples that will provide an overview of how to be prepared before, during, and after an incident.
What security measures do you have in place at your site?   We give you the tools and teach you how to do a Vulnerability Assessment of your site.  As you look at your physical site, we teach you to concentrate on no cost and low cost ways to improve you security.
We have taken some basic law enforcement training and adapted them to work for you.

This two-hour presentation covers: 

What Makes a Secure House of Worship?

Survival Mindset

What you can do to Prevent a Shooting

Historical Perspective of Shooters

Five Stages of a Shooter

Knowing Who’s Who in Your Pew

                 What’s an Emergency Operation Plan?

                 Creating a Vulnerability Assessment of Your Site

                 Are You Ready?

In the Workplace

Did you know that Workplace Violence is the second leading cause of death for males in the workplace, and the leading cause of death for females in the workplace? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports over 400 homicides at the workplace each year.  CDC says workplace violence has reached “epidemic proportions”.


The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security offers a two-hour presentation, free of charge, for Oklahoma businesses and other organization on what to do to improve your security.  We have taken some basic law enforcement practices, a look at past attacks, adapted them to work for you.   


This two-hour presentation covers:

                                    What is a Secure Workplace?

                                    Who Commits Workplace Violence?

                                    Five Stages of a Shooter

                                    What is Managements Role?

                                    What Are Your Plans

                                    Are You Ready


Here are some of the comments from others that have attended the training:


The training was INCREDIBLE!!!!!  I wish that every employee would take it!  It really made me think about ____________.


I was very impressed with the instructor!  I loved his presentation style!  I wasn’t ready for the class to end.  (Which normally, I can’t wait for the class to be over.)  I would enroll in any class that he was offering!  


The training was wonderful. It was very informative and engaging.


I attended the class and found it to be very helpful.  I enjoyed the speaker, the personal experiences he shared and the presentations.  The information he provided helped me think about possible scenarios and how I could respond not only in my workplace but, also in my private life.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend this event. 


The class was very informative and I didn’t know the extent of the shooting s that had happened, I am now more informed on what to do in the situation and what my options are, I idea on having a plan in place is always a good idea before needed. Thank you for the class. 


The class was really great.  Very informative and the presenter did and outstanding job.  I wish more people would have attended. 


I enjoyed the class.  I felt Jim McBride was passionate about his job and shared a lot of good information. 


This was a very informative and interesting meeting that I could have sat through all day.  It really needs to be longer than 2 hours.   In today’s world you can’t be too careful, and this training gave me some insight as to what signs to look for, especially with disgruntled employees, as well as clients or anyone that walks in the door.  It reminded me to “pay attention” regardless of where I am at.  I would highly recommend that all staff attend this training.  Excellent presentation.  


I feel that it was a very good presentation. The only thing that I could add would be to discuss parking lot/afterhours situations in a little more detail. Thanks.


I think this class should be mandatory over the on-line class. It was very helpful and the speaker was excellent.