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National Domestic Preparedness Consortium Training


The National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC)
is the principal vehicle through which Department of Homeland Security/FEMA National Preparedness Directorate (NPD) identifies, develops, tests and delivers training to state and local emergency responders.

The NDPC membership includes the members listed below and more than 75 additional partners that have received training grants from DHS to develop and/or deliver various courses. Each member brings a unique set of assets to the domestic preparedness program.  

If you are interested in hosting one of the courses in Oklahoma, contact OKOHS to begin the process. OKOHS will assist with locating the training site and provide funding for the site, if needed. Once scheduled, OKOHS will market and complete the student registration process for the course for your jurisdiction. 

OKOHS is looking for students and host sites for this great opportunity to receive some of the best training available. Most courses are available as a direct delivery (instructors travel to the Oklahoma and conduct courses) or as a resident delivery courses (students travel to the training site). With either delivery method, there is no cost for the instruction of the course.

NCPC Members 

The following is brief description of each NDPC member and their expertise with a link to each site:

CDP Logo Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP): The CDP provides hands-on specialized training to state and local emergency responders in the management and remediation of WMD incidents. The CDP offers more than 50 courses at its resident campus in Anniston, AL.The training emergency responders receive at the CDP provides a valid method for ensuring high levels of confidence in equipment, procedures and individual capabilities. CDP offers both resident and mobile courses.
EMRTC Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC): EMRTC at New Mexico Tech offers live explosive training including the use of field exercises and classroom instruction. NMIMT is the lead NDPC partner for explosives and firearms, live explosives and incendiary devices training. EMRTC offers both resident and mobile courses.
Logo for LSU NCBRT Louisiana State University (LSU)-National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT): LSU-NCBRT is a DHS training partner providing high-quality training to emergency responders throughout the United States and its territories within the NCBRT's Homeland Security National Training Cooperative Agreement. Preparedness is a shared, national responsibility requiring our active participation to prepare America to address its threats. The NCBRT is preparing you today for tomorrow’s threats.
TEEX Logo Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (TEEX-NERRTC): TEEX-NERRTC delivers a set of courses to prepare state and local officials for the threat posed by Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Courses are developed and designed to provide each specific segment of the emergency response community with the tools needed to accomplish its role in the event of a WMD incident. Additionally, Texas A&M has developed an Interactive Internet WMD Awareness Course for emergency responders. Texas A&M also provides technical assistance to state and local jurisdictions in the development of WMD assessment plans. TEEX-NERRTC offers both resident and mobile courses.



National Nuclear Security Administration/CTOS-Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training (NNSA/CTOS): The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) CTOS-Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training program located at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) is the nation’s premier weapons of mass destruction (WMD) radiological/nuclear training center. NNSA/CTOS offers both resident and mobile courses.

Logo for NDPC


National Disaster Preparedness Training Consortium: The mission of the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) is to develop and deliver disaster preparedness training to governmental, private and non-profit entities, incorporating urban planning with an emphasis on community preparedness and at-risk populations. NDPTC is the only member of the NDPC to focus primarily on natural hazards. 


Security and Emergency Response Training Center: The mission of CERTC is to provide customers with highly effective and efficient railway research, consulting, testing, system engineering, inspections, training, and technical support for standards in a safe manner, ensuring the highest level of integrity while providing our employees a challenging and sustainable work environment.

National Training and Education Division Course Catalog

NTED's course catalog can be found here: First Responder Training. This catalog is designed to provide emergency response personnel with comprehensive information regarding training courses and technical assistance offered by NTED.The catalog contains course descriptions and information on all training courses and technical assistance developed and delivered by NTED and its training partners.The catalog also contains contact information to assist you in corresponding directly with the course developers to obtain additional information, if needed and/or technical assistance. 

If you find a course and/or technical assistance that you want to attend or to have a course delivered in Oklahoma, contact Curtis Driscoll or April Keeler.


Last Update: March 2021