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Oklahoma Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program

Program Purpose:
The Oklahoma Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (OK-HSEEP) coordinated by OKOHS, is an exemplary exercise program enhancing the capacity of state and local governments to prevent and respond to terrorism and natural disasters.  This is achieved through a fully integrated program of assistance for state and local exercises.

Program Vision:
OKOHS will coordinate and lead statewide Homeland Security training and exercise programs for CBRNE and natural disasters.  Mobile Exercise teams will be co-located with state and local agencies and other appropriate organizations.

OKOHS Local Exercise Direct Support Program

The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security has recently launched a Local Exercise Direct Support Program.  The OKOHS Local Exercise Direct Support Program is a reimbursable exercise program, which will allow the exercise planning teams to submit an application for assistance and then be reimbursed once the exercise is completed.

With this program, OKOHS will provide financial and technical assistance to assist you in the exercise planning process.  The program is a direct support application and all exercises performed with assistance from OKOHS under this program must be Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant. Participating agencies MUST be NIMS compliant to be eligible.  

Along with HSEEP compliance, each exercise must be entered into the HSEEP Toolkit online, at www.hseep.dhs.gov.  This program helps with the planning, development and evaluation of exercises.  The toolkit is designed to help you best utilize the planning time before an exercise by giving you tentative dates for planning conferences, providing a MSEL builder, suggesting a timeline for goal completion and providing Exercise Evaluator Guides (EEGS) for each target capability that will be evaluated.

To submit an application for assistance, read through the OKOHS Local Exercise Direct Support Program Users Handbook prior to completing the application.   Don't forget to download the application and Budget Detail Worksheet as well.  Submit the application and the BDW by e-mail to Gary Davis or Kathryn McCoy.   

2009 Local Exercise Direct Support Guidance  2009 Local Exercise Direct Support Application  Local Exercise Program BDW

Where is the exercise schedule?
The OK-HSEEP exercise schedule will be located as events in the Training Calendar link located in the left navigation of each page.  


Last update July 2008