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Urban Search and Rescue (US&R)

    OK-TF1 main trailer    Urban Search and Rescue Unit


There are two (2) Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Units within the state. These units have similar training and equipment to the FEMA regional US&R teams, including high level rescue capabilities. Each unit includes a 42-foot trailer and tow vehicle. The equipment cache is based on the FEMA US&R requirements. Both teams have additional equipment including three quad-cab, four-wheel drive, one-ton trucks, a bobcat with attachments and a 27-foot enclosed trailer to transport the bobcat and any additional equipment. Each unit cost approximately $1,700,000 to build and equip. 


  • Heavy structural collapse
  • High angle rescue
  • Confines space rescue
  • Trench rescue
  • Canine search for trapped victims 

Team Information

  • The US&R team consists of 125 members from 33 agencies in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas.  
  • All team members are trained to the NFPA 1670 Structural Collapse Technician level. 
  • All team members are IFSAC-certified to the NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials Operations level. 
  • Teams receive specialized training in Medical Specialist, Technical Information Specialist, Structure Specialist, Heavy Equipment and Rigging Specialist, Technical Search Specialist, Canine Search Specialist, Logistic Specialist and Communications Specialist.  

Last Update: March 2021