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Small Rescue Units

Pic Of Small Rescue


There are three (3) stand-alone Small Rescue Units across the state. Each Technical Rescue Unit also has a Small Rescue Unit as part of its equipment cadre. The Small Rescue Unit is a multi-faceted, self-contained rescue trailer. A 44-horsepower diesel engine and 20KVWgenerator powers each unit. The equipment fixed to the unit include a full range of hydraulic core technology extrication tools, two 900-watt light towers, a breathing air compressor system, four cascade air tanks and storage for additional equipment. All of the equipment is enclosed in the trailer and can be pulled easily by a 1-ton pick-up. Each unit cost $130,000 to build and equip. 


  • Rapid deployment of primary or secondary emergency equipment
  • Extrication equipment for vehicular, agricultural and industrial incidents
  • Lighting to assist in nighttime emergencies
  • Provide breathing air to refill cylinders on the emergency scene
  • Provide constant air source for air equipment needs
  • Provide a source for electricity at incidents

Team Information 

  • A Minimum of six (6) Team Members
  • Each team member trained to NFPA 1670 Vehicle and Machinery Search and Rescue Operations level and Rope Rescue Operations level. 


  • Eufaula (Region 4)
  • Miami (Region 2)
  • Purcell (Region 6)

Last Update: October 2012