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Oklahoma Regional Response System                 
State of the Art...One of a Kind


The Oklahoma Regional Response System was developed by the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS) and currently consists of 113 specialized resources located throughout the state of Oklahoma. More than $35 million in U.S. Department of Homeland Security (U.S. DHS) grant funding has been used for this project.

The system is comprised of different levels of specialized units capable of responding to chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) incidents, agriculture emergencies, technical rescue incidents and natural disasters. The Regional Response System units are standardized across the state and contain interoperable communications devices providing for more effective and efficient training, exercising and response.

Participating state and local agencies across Oklahoma have agreed to respond to local, regional and statewide public safety incidents. These agencies have designated team members representing multiple jurisdictions that participate in their response team.The local community or state agency has primary responsibility for the unit including storage, maintenance and replenishment of supplies, and ensuring the team members are trained to the required level.

Regional Response System Training

OKOHS provides training to all Regional Response System teams. The training courses have been specifically developed for the Regional Response System and have been approved by the Department of Homeland Security's Training and Exercise Integration Division. All Regional Response System courses are delivered at no cost and are scheduled to meet the needs of the response agencies. 

All Regional CBRNE teams are required to have 20 team members, with at least five (5) Hazardous materials Operations Level members and 15 Hazardous Materials Technician Level members. 

All Intermediate CBRNE teams are required to have nine (9) team members, with at least two (2) Operations level and seven (7) technician level team members. All Rescue teams are required to have nine (9) team members with all being Hazardous Materials Operations level.  

For Intermediate Technical Rescue Trailers, each team member must be trained to Hazardous Materials Operations and complete the following rescue courses: Structural Collapse Operations, Rope Operations I & II, Trench Rescue and Confined Space Rescue. 

Registration is available at the Oklahoma State University-Fire Service Training Events Calendar. Regional Response System members will be given preference for all Hazardous Materials training and Rescue training; however, we highly encourage all Oklahoma emergency responders to attend any scheduled courses.  

If you would like to schedule a Hazardous Materials or Rescue Training course, please complete the following forms and fax to OKOHS (405)425-7295 or visit the OKOHS  Training and Exercise page for more information.

Hazardous Materials Training Request Form

Units Within the Regional Response System 

For additional information regarding each type of unit, click on the navigation links at the left or on the links below.


Lawton Large CBRNE Unit 4/3/07

Regional CBRNE Units

McAlester Intermediate CBRNE Unit 4/3/07

Intermediate CBRNE Units

Tulsa Mass Decontamination Unit 4/3/07

Mass Decontamination Unit

Small Decontamination Units

Small Decontamination Units

Urban Search and Rescue Unit 4/3/07

Urban Search & Rescue Units

Ada Technical Rescue Unit 4/3/07

Intermediate Technical Rescue Units

Weatherford Auxiliary Rescue Unit 4/3/07

Small Rescue Units

Bantum unit

EMS Units

Bomb Robot

Bomb Squads

OSU Logistical Unit 4/3/07

Logistical Support Unit

DPS Moblie Communications and Command Unit 4/3/07

Mobile Communications and Command Units

AG Lab

Mobile Agriculture Laboratory

Guymon's Ag Response Unit

Agricultural Response Units



Johnny Vaughn
Regional Response System Coordinator
(405) 425-7274
Email Johnny

In the event that a Regional Response System resource is needed, contact the Oklahoma Emergency Management office at (800) 800-2481.


Click the links below to access the Regional Response System Forms.
Incident Report Form

Equipment Form 

Hazardous Materials Training Request Form

Oklahoma Regional Response System One-Pager

Click the links below to view maps of the Regional Response System.

Regional Response System Area Map

The Oklahoma Regional Response System is composed of the following units:

5- Regional CBRNE Units

13- Intermediate CBRNE Units

1- Mass Decontamination Units

24- Small Decontamination Units

2- Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Units

10- Intermediate Technical Rescue Units

3- Small Rescue Units

2- Large EMS Units

17- Medium EMS Units

19- Bantam EMS Units

8- Agricultural Response Units

7- Bomb Squads

1- Logistical Support Response Unit

1- Agriculture Mobile Laboratory*

3- Mobile Communications and Command Units* 

* State Assets available to respond locally

  Last Update: January 2019