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Severe Weather Awareness

Severe weather can happen any time of day, any day of the week.  Oklahomans are very fortunate to have some of the nation's best forecasters and some of the most technologically advanced forecasting equipment right her in our great state.  Even the best warning systems, though, can't do what they are designed to do if the public doesn't have a way to receive the information.  

Supercell Sunday serves as both an awareness & preparedness initiative for your facility.  It is important that key individuals in your facility are weather aware when the risk of severe weather is present and that your staff have a way to receive timely weather information that will allow them to make life saving decisions should your facility be in a warning area.  

An individual or a team of individuals should have access to a NOAA All Hazards Alert radio (aka weather radio) local television and or local radio stations so that they may hear weather warnings and updates and monitor changing weather information to aid in the decision making process.  

There are several commercially brands of NOAA radios available for purchase but to ensure you have the type that ALERTS you to weather warnings in your area.  public alert2



An average of 58 tornadoes touch down in Oklahoma each year. While there are times of the year and day that tornadoes are more common, a tornado can happen any time the conditions are right....even during church services. Situational awareness and pre-planning are key components to the the safety of your self and those around you.

The mission behind Supercell Sunday is to encourage faith based organizations to take time to develop and pledge to practice a tornado response plan for their facility to better prepare the staff and individuals that occupy the facility at various times of day.

Supercell Sunday is a partnership between the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security, The National Weather Service, Oklahoma Emergency Management, the American Red Cross & and local emergency managers.


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Just Three easy steps to preparedness!

purple 1 Step One - Plan

Tornado Preparedness Planning
Creating A Tornado Emergency Plan - Tip Sheet
Tornado Emergency Plan - Template
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purple 2 Step Two - Pledge

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Make the Pledge!
church practice


purple 3 Step Three - Practice


Conduct A Tornado Drill
How To Conduct A Tornado Drill
Tornado Drill Tool
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