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National Incident Management System (NIMS)

NIMS is the first-ever standardized approach to incident management and response. Developed by the Department of Homeland Security and released in March 2004, it establishes a uniform set of processes and procedures that emergency responders at all levels of government will use to conduct response operations. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) integrates effective practices in emergency response into a comprehensive national framework for incident management.

NIMS Outside Command Post

NIMS Chief

NIMS will enable responders at all levels to work together more effectively and efficiently to manage domestic incidents no matter what the cause, size or complexity, including catastrophic acts of terrorism and disasters. Federal agencies also are required to use the NIMS framework in domestic incident management and in support of state and local incident response and recovery activities.The benefits of using the NIMS system throughout Oklahoma has been significant:

The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS) is responsible for the implementation of NIMS within the state. OKOHS is providing the coordination with all State agencies, tribal governments, and local jurisdictions to ensure NIMS implementation.

OKOHS NIMS Implementation / Grant Compliance Office 405-425-7296.                                         

Email Pat King -  NIMS Compliance Coordinator

Email April Walker - NIMS Training Coodinator