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NIMS ICS All Hazard Position Specific Training 


NIMS ICS Position Specific training is designed to provide all-hazards competencies and behaviors for the eight Command and General Staff positions, Division/Group Supervisor positions, and the six Unit Leader positions.  NIMS ICS Position Specific training should be completed by personnel who desire one or more of the following:  
        1) Certified member of a Type 3 or 4 Incident Management Team (AHIMT); 

        2) Desire to seek credentials/certification in any of these positions;

         3) Enhance training and skills in one or more ICS positions.

The competencies in the training are focused around the student’s ability to assume the position responsibilities, lead assigned personnel, communicate effectively, and to ensure the completion of assigned tasks that meet identified objectives for the position.  All ICS Position Specific course and instructor requirements follow the NIMS Training Program. (September 2011)

Currently NIMS ICS Position Specific training, Initial and Instructor/Train-the-Trainer (TTT) courses are being offered as resident courses at the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). Check the OKOHS Training Calendar to check for courses delivered in Oklahoma.

All NIMS ICS Position Specific training courses require an application process.  If you have any questions concerning this application process or any NIMS questions, please contact OKOHS at 405-425-7296 or email  OKOHS.

Course Application Process:
The following steps must be followed for applicants to participate in the NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific training:
    1. Review the prerequisites required to determine if you meet the qualifications.
    2. Your application packet must include the following documents:
        a. Completed FEMA Admissions Form (FEMA 119-25-1). All FEMA 119-25-1 forms must be complete and including the course title and code. (EMI resident courses only)  
        b. Professional resume documenting qualifications and all requirements with supervisor’s signature.          
        c. If a prerequisite or requirement includes a specific certification, attach a copy of that certification. If it is not attached, the application package is not complete.
    3. OKOHS NIMS ICS Position Specific training application.
    4. If applying for multiple courses (i.e. All-Hazards Operations Section Chief (E-958) and All-Hazards Resource Unit Leader Course (E-965) ) submit a separate OKOHS application and 
         119-25-1 form for each course.
    5. Submit the application packet to the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security State NIMS Point of Contact by mail to the address below, email or fax - 405-425-7295 .   
    6. For OKOHS delivered courses, student must also complete course registration on the OKOHS Training Calendar.