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Instructor Application and Renewal Process:

If you wish to become a NIMS Instructor in Oklahoma, you must complete the NIMS Instructor application/renewal application located in the NIMS Instructor Program Manual and submit it to the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security.  Please include all required documentation outlined in the application.  Upon approval of your application, you should receive a NIMS Instructor Card with an ID number to be used in future course authorizations.  Instructor certification is good for five years from the time of application or renewal.  

Following approval NIMS Instructors must attend the first available NIMS Instructor Workshop for instructions on how to schedule NIMS courses as well as receive their CD with NIMS Instructor materials.  Workshops are half day events that are scheduled three times a year at various locations across the state.  Attendance of at least one NIMS Instructor Workshop and the submission of an application (without certificates) is required.  

 Instructors upgrading their NIMS instructor status are required to send all required documentation along with the application. 

You may register for NIMS Instructor Workshops on the OKOHS Training Calendar.

Instructor applications (both initial and renewal) may be mailed or emailed.

State of Oklahoma
Office of Homeland Security
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Course Request Information:

NIMS Instructor Courses are designed for personnel with extensive Incident Management training and experience.  Instructors may schedule and teach in-house NIMS courses at any time; however, they must submit the Course Request Form to OKOHS at at least 6 weeks in advance of the start date to allow adequate time for materials to be produced and shipped to your location.   

NIMS Instructor Classes are scheduled at several sites across Oklahoma.  For questions, call OKOHS at 405-425-7296 or to register visit the OKOHS Training Calendar.