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Shared Systems in Oklahoma


Broken Arrow Communications Regional Network


The Broken Arrow Communications Regional Network is an 800 MHz multi-site communications network that is comprised of the joint partnerships between the city of Broken Arrow, city of Bixby, city of Glenpool, city of Jenks and Wagoner County.  The system consists of four Harris EDACS radio sites, four P25 radio sites and four OpenSky radio sites.  All users can communicate with each other due to the VIDA platform utilizing IP technology—regardless of which Harris platform they currently operate on.  The system also has the Harris NetworkFirst IP technology which allows users the ability to communicate directly with other radio systems—UHF, VHF, and 700/800 MHz—not directly on the Broken Arrow Communications Regional Network. The Regional Network will soon have in place ISSI to directly connect to the Oklahoma Wireless Information Network at the IP level allowing direct communications at the user-level and the system-level.

Contact Information:

Mark Ketchum
Communications Systems Manager
Phone: 918-259-2400 ext. 5362
Cellular Phone: 918-697-1980
Fax:  918-251-6642


Oklahoma City Radio System


Operating in both Digital and Analog modes, the Oklahoma City Radio System is comprised of two rings of Harris Corporation’s EDACS Provoice simulcast.  The inner ring, known as the Core System, covers the majority of Oklahoma City with seven sites and was designed for in-building penetration.  The outer ring, or Wide System, covers the majority of the city limits with six sites located farther out than the Core System and is designed for handheld use outdoors.  These two systems are tied together by a Harris Integrated Multi-Site Controller (IMC) and operate as one system, providing 95 percent handheld coverage to more than 1,100 square miles.  Units on the Core System can communicate with units on the Wide System.  The IMC also functions as a gateway to many channels and talkgroups on radio systems operated by surrounding mutual aid partner agencies.  Also linked to the Oklahoma City Radio System are national mutual aid VHF, UHF and 800 MHz conventional channels.  These 8TAC, VTAC, and UTAC channels can be quickly patched to form the “Cross-Band Stack” providing tactical communications for a mix of responders, regardless of the frequency band in which their radios operate.  The four primary Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD) talkgroups are linked to talkgroups on the Oklahoma Wireless Information Network (OKWIN).  This allows public safety agencies on the OKWIN system to directly monitor and communicate with OCPD units.  Users on the Oklahoma City Radio System include all city of Oklahoma City Departments and Trusts, as well as the cities of Yukon, Bethany, Warr Acres, and Mustang.


Current expansion plans include migration to P25 trunking.  Funding was approved for the first phase of this, which included:
• Adding redundant P25 switching systems to control future sites and IP based consoles
• Linking the new P25 switches to the current Oklahoma City EDACS system so that radios on both the old and new systems can operate on the same talkgroup during the transition
• Providing an IP based gateway to radios on other systems in the Central Oklahoma area (This replaces the current Causeway System in use, and sixty ports were set up for this purpose.)
• Implementing an ISSI link to provide seamless IP connection to systems such as OKWIN
As of October 7, 2011, all of the above equipment had been installed and acceptance testing was completed.  A temporary P25 site was brought in and used for acceptance testing.  No ISSI link has been configured, awaiting completion of projects by other agencies, and determination of what media/path will be used between the systems.

Contact Information:

Kerry Wagnon

Help Desk: 405-297-2727


Oklahoma Wireless Information Network (OKWIN)



The Oklahoma Wireless Information Network (OKWIN) is a forty-two fixed site and two mobile site, 800 MHz trunked public safety communications radio system.  Three additional fixed sites will be added to the existing network in 2012. OKWIN is a partnership between the city of Edmond, city of Norman, city of Shawnee, city of Tulsa, city of Owasso and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (OK DPS).  All infrastructure equipment is owned and maintained by the OKWIN partners.
The OKWIN system provides coverage to 70 percent of Oklahoma’s population.  Coverage spans along Interstate 44 from the Texas border to the Missouri border and spans south of Oklahoma City along Interstate 35 to just north of Love County, near the Texas border.  Oklahoma’s three largest metropolitan areas are located within the coverage area of the OKWIN system.  There are more than 520 agencies and 25,000 handheld and mobile radios currently operating on the OKWIN system.




The OKWIN system is currently implementing the first of a three phase plan to upgrade to a standards based P25 shared system.  Briefly, the three phases of the OKWIN expansion are described as:
1. Upgrade core infrastructure to P25  
2. Upgrade subscriber units to P25
3. Upgrade tower infrastructure to P25
Upon fully migrating to a P25 shared system, the OKWIN network will be able to integrate with other P25 compliant systems located internal and external to Oklahoma.  P25 will also allow public safety entities to purchase radio equipment from multiple vendors.

Contact  Information:

For questions regarding OKWIN expansion or grant opportunities, please contact:

Nick Carrao
OKWIN Project Manager
Department of Public Safety

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Last Update June 2014