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National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) Goals

Alignment to the National Emergency Communications Plan


The NECP is a strategic plan developed by The Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) that sets goals and identifies key national priorities to enhance governance, planning, technology, training and exercises and disaster communications capabilities. The NECP provides recommendations, including milestones, to help emergency response providers and relevant government officials make measurable improvements in emergency communications over the next three years.

Through OEC, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security defined a series of goals that establish a minimum level of interoperable communications and a deadline for local, state, tribal and federal agencies to achieve that minimum level. These goals provide an initial set of operational targets that will be further defined by the OEC through a process that engages federal, state and local governments; the private sector; and emergency responders. The initial goals are:

Goal1: By 2010, 90 percent of all high‐risk Urban Areas designated within the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) are able to demonstrate response‐level emergency communications within one hour for routine events involving multiple jurisdictions and agencies. Oklahoma completed Goal 1 on April 19, 2010

Goal 2: By 2011, 75 percent of non‐UASI jurisdictions are able to demonstrate response‐level emergency communications within one hour for routine events involving multiple jurisdictions and agencies. Oklahoma reached 75% completion in May 2012. As of July 2012, Oklahoma had gone above and beyond successfully reaching 91% completion.

Goal 3: 75 percent of all jurisdictions are able to demonstrate response-level emergency communications within three hours of a significant event as outlined in national planning scenarios. Pending 


Oklahoma has made it a priority to achieve each of the three goals set by the NECP. A successful demonstration of NECP Goal 1 took place in Oklahoma City during the "Oklahoma City National Memorial Annual Remembrance Ceremony" on April 19, 2010. Goal 2 was completed in October 2011 when approximately 45 percent of Oklahoma counties submitted capability and performance data to OKOHS. Oklahoma will continue to collect data from the remaining counties and will submit the results to OEC in 2012. Alignment to the national plan will continue to be a priority, as Oklahoma works to achieve Goal 3 before its milestone date.

To view the NECP, visit

NECP Goal 2 Survey Instructions
You only have to log in with the Oklahoma password if you are a first time user & have never been on the website before. If you have already registered, please skip to #5

To submit your data using a Web-based evaluation tool, please follow these six easy steps:

1. Go to
2. Select “Response Level Communications Tool (NECP Goal 2) - State
3. Login
    State Username: Oklahoma
4. Register
    Select your state and county
    Enter the email address you would like to use
    Create a password
5. Log in with your email address and password
6. Complete BOTH  of the green boxes under the County Evaluations heading labeled Capabilities Evaluation and the Performance Evaluation for your county.


Below is a map showing which counties have completed goal 2.


Last Update September 2012