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Minimum Standards for Communication Equipment Purchases

Interoperable Communications State Standards 

One of the most important aspects of SB 1153 is that it gives OKOHS the ability to create standards for future purchases of equipment and infrastructure made by state agencies in support of communications interoperability in Oklahoma. The goal of these standards is to eliminate redundancy and ensure the compatibility of new purchases with existing technology.

Interoperable Communications State Standards Working Group

OKOHS recently formalized the Interoperable Communications State Standards (IOCSS) Working Group. The IOCSS is composed of representatives from multiple state agencies to recommend minimum standards for communication equipment purchases. It was imperative to include multiple agencies with a vested interest in communications interoperability to ensure the success of these minimum standards. The IOCSS will meet annually, or as needed, to establish and modify minimum standards for communication equipment.

The IOCSS has completed Phase 1: Implement Subscriber Equipment Standards (Includes Mobile and Portable Radios).

On November 1, 2009, OKOHS implemented Phase 1. All purchases of communications interoperability equipment and infrastructure by state agencies in Oklahoma made after the November 1, 2009 date must comply with Phase 1. Please note it is recommended that agencies at the local, county and tribal levels, as well authorized non-governmental organizations follow the standards set by OKOHS. 

(UPDATED!) Click here to download and view the State Standards for Phase 1 Subscriber Equipment

Last Update September 2012 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can I contact with questions regarding the state standards?
A: Nikki Cassingham, Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (405) 425-2869