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Communications Unit Leaders (COML) and Communications Technicians (COMT)



The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS), in conjunction with the Statewide Interoperability Governing Body (SIGB), is currently in the process of expanding a Communications Unit Program for the state of Oklahoma. At this time, there are a limited number of state-certified Communications Unit Leaders (COML) and Communications Technicians (COMT) in Oklahoma. Oklahoma now has certified COML instructors to provide training within our state. OKOHS plans to continue incorporating additional COML and COMT training courses. 


COMl 205

COML Committee

The COML Committee was formed in 2010 as a working group under the guidance of the SIGB's Training and Exercise Committee  to make recommendations to the SIGB and to OKOHS regarding the Communications Unit Program in Oklahoma. The COML Committee is a key component of Oklahoma’s Communications Unit Program. Specific duties of the COML Committee include:

• Recommending future candidates for COML/COMT training
• Determining additional training and qualifications necessary to serve as a COML/COMT at large-scale incidents
• Recommending credentialing at the state level
• Creating a cadre of instructors capable of delivering COML/COMT training in Oklahoma
• Assisting the Oklahoma Homeland Security Regions with interoperable communications guidelines and policies
• Serving as a resource for agencies with questions regarding interoperable communications

The COML Committee’s Credentialing Subcommittee (CCSC) was created specifically to review COML/COMT Task Books before an individual can become a certified state-level COML/COMT in Oklahoma. The CCSC is comprised of seven members from across the state to ensure that multiple regions are represented.  

Point of Contact:

Nikki Cassingham, Statewide Interoperability Coordinator
Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security
(405) 425-2869
Email Nikki

Communications Technician (COMT)

A component of Oklahoma's Communications Unit Program is the training and recognition of certified communication technicians (COMT). The inaugural course was held in October 2011 and was offered through the Office of Emergency Communications Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program. A COMT Recognition Procedure has been developed by the COML Committee and COMT courses are offered regularly through OKOHS. 

Certified State of Oklahoma COML/COMT Recognition Procedure

The COML Committee recently approved the Certified State of Oklahoma COML/COMT Recognition Procedure. This procedure describes the process for individuals who wish to become recognized at the state level. Individuals who wish to be recognized at the local level only need to complete the All-Hazards COML Course, unless otherwise specified by their home agency. 

An important part of the COML/COMT recognition process is the completion of a Position Task Book, including the additional Oklahoma Competencies.

Click here to view or print the All-Hazards COML Position Task Book.

Click here to view or print the All-Hazards COMT Position Task Book.





COML Position Task Book

COMT Position Task Book



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