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Air-to-Ground Frequencies
Air-to-Ground communication is critical for public safety operations pertaining to incident response and coordination. The State of Oklahoma has dedicated a primary channel to assist in Air-to-Ground emergency communications, referred to as Oklahoma Air-to-Ground 1, that is available to those public safety agencies and jurisdictions who agree to abide by the terms of use. Additional information on the programming and usage of these frequencies can be found in the Oklahoma Field Operations Guide (OKFOG). 


Oklahoma Field Operations Guide: Pg. 100

Usage Display RX RXPL TX TXPL W / N Call
Air-to-Ground 1 OK AIRGND 1 158.8800 156.7 158.8800 156.7 Narrowband BY AGREEMENT
Air-to-Ground 2 OK AIRGND 2 149.2625 156.7 149.2625 156.7 Narrowband OK Air National Guard

WARNING: This information is for OFFICIAL USE ONLY and misuse or usage of the frequency without approval will constitute the loss of use of this frequency for that agency.


Memorandum of Understanding
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is intended to document the intention of the public safety agency or jurisdiction's request for permission to operate on radio frequencies granted and assigned to the State of Oklahoma by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Any public safety agency or jurisdiction intending to use the frequencies listed above must have a signed MOU on file with Oklahoma's Office of Management and Enterprise Services. The responsibilities of the parties are outlined in this MOU.

Memorandum of Understanding - State of Oklahoma Radio Frequencies 

Completed MOUs for the Air-to-Ground Frequencies should be sent to:

Ben Gherezgiher
Information Services Division
Office of Management & Enterprise Services
3115 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105