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DHS Releases FY 2008 Application Guidance

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released application guidance for 14 federal grant programs whose collective purpose is to strengthen prevention, protection, response and recovery capabilities at all levels of government.  This year there are three overarching priorities for the funding:

  1. Measure progress in achieving the National Preparedness Guidelines
  2. Strengthening improvised explosive device (IED) attack deterrence, prevention, and protection capabilities
  3. Strengthening preparedness planning

As the State Administering Agency (SAA) for DHS grant funding, the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS) is eligible to apply for funding in the following grant programs:

Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP)  

  • State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) - Enhance state, territorial and local capabilities through planning, equipment, training and exercise activities
  • Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) - Build capabilities in 60 high-threat, high-density urban areas across the country 
  • Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) - 124 MMRS jurisdictions receive funding to enhance mass casualty preparedness
  • Citizen Corps Program (CCP) - Funding is for states and territories to engage citizens in community preparedness

Infrastructure Protection Program (IPP)  

  • Buffer Zone Protection Program (BZPP) - Safeguard critical infrastructure sites from terrorist site surveillance or attacks with a focus on public-private partnership and fusion center coordination

UASI Nonprofit Security Grant Program (UASI-NSGP) - Support target-hardening activities by nonprofit organizations at high risk of an international terrorist attack

OKOHS must submit IPP applications to DHS no later than March 17, 2008 and HSGP applications are due May 1, 2008.


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