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COUASI Strategic Planning Subcommittee 

The Strategic Planning Subcommittee is taked with reviewing and updating, when necessary, the COUASI Homeland Security Strategy on an annual basis.  Changes to the COUASI Strategy shall be presented to the Working Group for approval.  Additionally, the Strategic Planning Subcommittee is charged with reviewing the Target Capabilities List, the Planning Scenarios, the National Preparedness Guidelines, Homeland Security Presidential Directives and any additional U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents for purposes of guiding future planning and strategic objectives for the COUASI.  The Strategic Planning Subcommittee is required to meet quarterly or more frequently as needed or at the direction of the Executive Committee.

CHAIR: Chief Jimmy Gibson, Shawnee Fire Department


2009 Meeting Schedule

1st Tuesday of the third month 
of the quarter
1:30 p.m.
21 E. Main St.
Oklahoma City

March 3
June 2
September 1
December 1

David Baisden
Frank Barnes
M.T. Berry
Pat Byrne
Mike Clifton
Bradley Cunningham
Tina Johnson
Mike Murphy
Matt Stillwell
Steve WIlloughby