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Central Oklahoma Law Enforcement

Response Team


The purpose of COLERT is to provide a rapid and effective response to jurisdictions within the Central Oklahoma Urban Area whose law enforcement resources have been overwhelmed and cannot successfully mitigate threatened or actual terrorist events, civil unrest or technological /natural disasters. The COLERT Team consists of officers from various jurisdictions within the designated Central Oklahoma Urban Area. The Central Oklahoma Urban Area (COUASI) is made up from all of Homeland Security Regions Six and Eight and encompasses the following counties: Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland, McClain, Pottawatomie, Lincoln and Logan.


The following is the procedure to request assistance from COLERT

1. The request must be from an agency head or his designee, such as a Police Chief, Sheriff, or shift commander;
2. The requesting agency must give detailed briefing of the emergency situation;
3. Any other pre-existing mutual aid agreements should be identified and/or invoked;
4. Requesting agency should specify estimated number of personnel needed;
5. Requesting agency should specify estimated duration personnel may be needed;
6. Requesting agency and COLERT will determine a staging area and requesting agency should assign an agency liaison to the staging area if requested;
7. Requesting agency must follow up verbal request for COLERT with a formal written request within 30 days.

Requesting agencies should contact one of the following persons in order to activate a COLERT response. All of the COLERT leadership with be notified, and a mobilization team will respond to the emergency to assess personnel and equipment needs of the requesting agency. During this time, COLERT members will be notified via automated system and placed on alert for a possible deployment.


Mark Stout
Putnam City Campus Police
Mobile: 405-***-****
Dispatch: 405-787-3621
Tim Ivy
Edmond Police Dept
Mobile: 405-***-***
Dispatch: 405-359-4420
Brad Cunningham
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
Mobile: 405-***-****
Dispatch: 405-713-1000
Dan Stow
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
Mobile: 405-***-****
Dispatch: 405-713-1000


To learn more about the Central Oklahoma UASI COLERT program, please contact:

Mark Stout-Chief Putnam City Campus Police Department

Office Number: (405) 787-3621, Ext. 1612

Bradley Cunningham, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department

Office Number: (405) 713-2085