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The Oklahoma State Board of Health recommends:
For grades K-8, establish a minimum weekly statewide fitness education requirement: 150 minutes of physical education and 60 minutes of health-nutrition education. (In this, we support the Fit Kids Coalition proposal.) In addition, incorporate physical activity alternatives for students in grades 9-12 who are not involved in competitive sports.
Support enforcement of our seat belt laws.
Support reduction of illegal sales of alcohol and tobacco to children and adolescents.
Pass the state vote increasing the tax on tobacco.
Implement the recommendations of the Systems of Care Initiative of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to improve access and coordination of mental health care for adolescents.
Improve the nutritional quality of food items sold in vending machines located in schools.
Support community-based teen pregnancy prevention efforts, and be active as parents in the education of our children on issues such as sexuality and substance abuse.
· Link local Turning Point partnerships with the local Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committees created by the passage of SB 1627 to give schools a wide community base from which to begin to address these various health issues through local community development efforts.
· Involve youth in the planning and implementation of all health promotion efforts. They must buy-in with the activities or prevention programs being developed, or participation and response can be adversely affected. Remember, they are a resource to be tapped, not a problem to be fixed.
· Adults must model positive health behaviors for adolescents and take the time to build positive relationships with the young people around us. The building of youth assets is perhaps the most important- to- implement strategy we can take but it takes all of us.

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State of the State's Health Interim Report 2003