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Toolkit Trilogy

The Toolkit Trilogy brings together data and evidence-based preventive strategies to support decision-making to improve chronic disease health outcomes. Partners, coalitions, and communities can come together to discuss the meaning of the data, the use of evidence-based prevention, and the clinical and community perspectives to
influence how and where changes are incorporated into the community effectively.

MONAHRQ® Data Guide for Preventable Hospitalizations (2.41MB, .pdf)
MONAHRQ® Data Guide for Preventable Hospitalizations - Quick Tips  (602k, .pdf)

Evidenced-Based Strategies and Preventive Services  (374k, .pdf)                    
One of the most important ways we can improve health care in Oklahoma is to provide appropriate, effective preventive clinical services and community strategies. This guide presents evidence-based strategies, clinical guidelines, and innovative practices proven to improve the health of the population.

Chronic Disease in Oklahoma Data Book (4.7M, .pdf)
Relationships exist between chronic diseases, risk factors, and populations at risk. Coalitions, health care providers, community leaders, and policy makers can examine these relationships using the Chronic Disease Data Book to identify their community needs, target resources, and track the impact of programmatic and policy interventions.  



MONAHRQ® Data Guide for Preventable Hospitalizations
MONAHRQ® Data Guide Quick Tips

Evidence - Based Strategies and Preventive Services

Chronic Disease in Oklahoma Data Book 

For more information, please contact the Chronic Disease Service at
405-271-4072 or 1-888-669-5634

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