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Oklahoma Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

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Oklahoma Colorectal Cancer Screening Program provides colonoscopy and related services to Oklahoma residents that meet program guidelines.  This program is funded through the Oklahoma Legislature on a yearly cycle.  The program has served over 2,000 Oklahomans since 2007.


The mission of the Oklahoma Colorectal Cancer Screening program is to provide Oklahomans with information and access to screening services in order to reduce morbidity and mortality from colon cancer.

Currently services are provided through contracts in central Oklahoma and northeast Oklahoma. 

Services Include: 

  • Prep for Colonoscopy
  • Office Visit (s)
  • Colonoscopy

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Male or Female
  • At or below 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • No Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid
  • 50-75 years of age
    • Younger individuals may qualify if they have one or more of the following qualifying medical criteria:

To determine if you are eligible for services, call 1-888-669-5934 and speak to a patient navigator. 


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