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LaTrina Frazier 

LaTrina Frazier

Assistant Service Director,
Medical Facilities Service

5 year of service

Who inspires you?

Each day, I am inspired by my co-workers here at OSDH. They work tirelessly with little recognition for the greater good of others. My family also inspires me because it is very important, at this point in my life, to acknowledge there are important areas that need change or improvement, and I am always excited to be a part of something bigger than me.

Got any favorite quotes?

“It is health that is real wealth…” Mahatma Ghandi

If someone was interested in a public health career (or one in your field), what advice or encouragement would you give them? 

Public health is very rewarding, especially for those who have worked in the health industry for any period of time. It is good to be able to see the benefits of programs and change, and know that in some small way you will be making a difference.

How did you start working in public health?

As a nurse, I have always been a part of the health industry. Over time, I transitioned to the home health, hospice and case management services. In these services, I found myself seeking resources and educational material which heightened my interest in the public health side of care.

Can you share a few highlights of your experience in public health? What is the most rewarding part of your work?

The most rewarding part is ensuring the safety of the public and patients, when receiving care from a health provider in the state of Oklahoma. I work on the regulatory side of public health. This means that we are responsible for the overall review of compliance for medical agencies and facilities such as home health, hospice, dialysis, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and emergency transport services to name a few. This is not typically what comes to mind when you consider the terms public health. 

In your role, how do you educate people about public health?

We educate during public speaking events and any time an entity wishes to reach out for guidance. Any interaction with an internal or external stakeholder is always exciting and rewarding.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

Because we are regulatory, we are not always the preferred for interactions. Our role can be very difficult for providers and invoke some anxiety or even fear. Of course, I would never want this and as a nurse, my first mind is to try and soothe. However, the regulatory process is a very defined and must be followed.

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