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Testing Times and Procedures

Exam Dates & Location | Exam Day Procedures | Retest Procedures

All new applicants for In-Training or Full Registration must apply for and successfully complete the Sanitarian and Environmental Specialist Examination.  (Applicants approved for reciprocal registration are exempt from this requirement.)

Testing slots are extremely limited; therefore, do not come to the exam if you have not received an approval letter from our office.  If you have not received an approval letter, you are not on the schedule to exam.

Exam times are scheduled individually on a first-come, first-serve basis and will typically be in the 2-3 business days immediately prior to the next scheduled Council meeting.

If the next scheduled Council meeting is in two (2) weeks or less and you have submitted your application but not received your scheduling confirmation, please contact our office immediately.

Meeting Dates and Exam Locations for 2015

February 11, 2015

All exams are held at:

Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE 10th Street
Room 154-B (first floor)
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

April 8, 2015
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Wednesday, December 9, 2015





Exam Day Procedures
Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to exam time for check-in.  You must have a valid government-issued photo ID to check in.  If you are running late or need to cancel/reschedule, please call our office immediately.

No other items are required for the exam.  Please note the following:

  • Active cell phones are not allowed.  If your phone goes off during your exam, your exam will be voided.
  • Pencil and scratch paper are provided.  These cannot leave the testing room.
  • A calculator is available on the exam computer.
  • Exam notes or study guides are not allowed and will be temporarily confiscated prior to the exam.
  • Snacks or drinks are allowed, but do not leave trash at your desk.  A trash can is provided in the testing room.

The exam is given on computer and will be scored upon completion.  The exam is 97 questions and requires a minimum passing score of 60%.  Applicants are allowed 90 minutes to exam.  Applicants are permitted to leave the exam room for brief bathroom or water breaks.

Upon completion of the exam, the examinee must flag down the OSDH testing staff to submit their examination for scoring.  Failure to observe this instruction may render your exam score irretrievable, resulting in a required retest.

All examinees will receive a hard copy of their exam score.  Those scoring below 60% will receive a retest form and be released.  Those scoring 60% or above will be given the option of returning the day of the Council meeting to interview with the Council; however, this is not required.  Proper dress code is encouraged for Council meetings.

All successful examinees' wallet cards and/or certificates will be mailed in 1-2 business days following the Council meeting.

Retest Procedures
If an applicant fails to pass the exam, they will be released from the testing room, and receive a
retest form from the test proctor to be submitted with the $30.00 retest fee at their convenience.       

The following minimum wait periods apply before applicants are permitted to retest:

  • First failure: 30-day waiting period
  • Subsequent failures: 90-day waiting period


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