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Healthcare-Associated Infection Resources

Links to free resources designed to educate the public and health professionals on Healthcare-Associated Infections.

Please note: This is a working document; links to new resources will be added on regular basis.

Healthcare-Associated Infection Resources Document

Summary of November 4, 2010 NHSN Training

The morning session was presented by Mary Andrus BA,RN,ICI, who is the president and owner of Surveillance Solutions Worldwide, Inc. Mrs. Andrus covered the background and purposes of healthcare-associated infection (HAI) surveillance and identified some of the barriers to collecting HAI data. She described not only the impact public re-porting has had on HAI surveillance and reporting, but proposed potential solutions to the challenges of HAI surveillance and reporting. Examples of the financial impact of HAIs on individual healthcare facilities were given and examples of how individual facilities could calculate the estimated cost to their facility for one HAI.

The afternoon session was presented by Gloria Morrell RN,MS,MSN,CIC, Nurse Consultant with the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The majority of Ms. Morrell’s presentation focused on case studies and applying the surveillance definitions and the infection-specific criteria for reporting HAIs in the acute care setting outlined by CDC/NHSN.

All speaker handouts were provided to attendees in a spiral bound book along with a NHSN Hints & Tips sheet. Currently we have a few extra copies and would like to make those available to those who were unable to attend the training. If you would like a copy of the NHSN training hand-outs, please download them from below.

Mary Andrus' Presentation

Gloria Morrell's Presentation

NHSN Hints & Tips

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